Step into a peony wonderland at the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Garden pop-up, happening from 26 May to 4 June 2023.

Held at Victoria’s Secret Mandarin Gallery, the pop-up celebrates the Bombshell collection, now available in a new look. Plus, there’s a series of deals and activities for everyone!

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell collection

The iconic Bombshell collection presents four fragrances: Signature, Seduction, Intense, and Passion, encased in a stunning glass bottle resembling a diamond.

The four scents were each available in three forms—Eau de Parfum, lotion, and body mist—to promote the idea of fragrance layering. While they all have varied top and middle floral and fruity notes, they share a common base note of peony.

The perfumes retail at S$109 (50ml) and $149 (100ml), and the lotions and body mists at S$49 each.

Let’s have a closer look at these fragrances!


A floral-fruity concoction, the age-old Signature Bombshell features brilliant notes of purple passionfruit, Shangri-La peony, and vanilla orchid. If you like sweet, feminine scents, this all-time bestseller is definitely the one for you.


For a slightly earthier touch, opt for Seduction. This second scent is infused with deeper and warmer notes of white peony, sage, and velvet musk. Its mellowness makes it perfect to wear on a day to work.


In this ruby-like bottle houses the third scent, Intense, a young and flirty fragrance infused with sugary notes of cherry, red peony, and vanilla. This is made for the young at heart, who wishes to look and smell as sweet as candy.


The newest of the four fragrances, this decadent pink bottle holds a lush fragrance that marries the notes of cassis, queen peony, and rose. Wear this to instantly feel like the regal queen you are.

‘Like A Bombshell’ wall

Unleash the inner artist in you and partake in a peony art activity, and pen down what ‘Bombshell’ means to you, on an adorable peony card, before pasting them up on the ‘Like a Bombshell’ wall.

Bombshell Garden Café

Wind down with some free refreshments as you transform your peony into a work of art. Yes, you heard that right—with any purchase of no minimum spend, you will be entitled to a free drink of either a comforting cup of Bombshell Latte or a refreshing bottle of Pink Elixir.

Choose between a peony design, or the Victoria’s Secret logo for the icing sugar that’s dusted atop the latte.

Bombshell Garden photo wall

Have your superstar moment, and poise in front of the Bombshell Garden photo wall with your favourite Bombshell scent before you leave.

Bombshell Garden vending machine

You will also find, at the entrance, the Bombshell Garden vending machine. Key in your name, phone number and email address for a free Bombshell Signature fragrance vial, and a S$15 Victoria’s Secret storewide voucher!

Location: Victoria’s Secret Mandarin Gallery
Date: 26 May – 4 June 2023