I heard so much about yoga in the past year that when I was asked to go for a class, just to see how it was like, I jumped at the chance.

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I was so confident, I didn’t bat an eyelid at signing up for a Hot Yoga class. After all, how difficult could it be, right?

1. This is gonna be easy.

This is gonna be easy

I mean, it’s just some stretching and poses. No biggie.

2. Is it normal for it to be THIS warm?

im too hot

But when I first stepped into the studio, I was like, are you absolutely SURE it’s supposed to be this warm?

3. Heh. This first pose is eeeeaaaasy.

Nailed it

Aw yeah!

4. Wait. I have to hold this pose?

uh oh

Ok, I didn’t expect that.

5. 20 minutes in, I’m struggling but the girl next to me was like


Why has my body forsaken me? Why has her body not forsaken her?

6. Then everyone, except me, gets the pose on the first go

I dont understand

I mean… HOW!?

7. And the lady to my right just does a headstand without using her hands


Clearly, she’s a professional at this. Meanwhile, only my legs are in the air.

8. Is this never going to end?

everything hurts and im dying


9. Phew! Finally, the instructor said “Lie down and relax”


OH! THANK HEAVENS. The part I love most.

10. When class finally ends and you walk out alive

aw yeah

Aw yeah. But also: I’m never going to underestimate Yoga class again. Ever.

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