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“I’m so hungry!” and “Why is it not lunch yet?” is a common grouse we hear in the office. It may have even been a common complaint that you make. And you don’t understand it… You’ve already had breakfast at home, so why is it that you’re feeling hungry again when you reach the office? This is definitely not helping with your weight loss plan – you are likely to overeat.

If this sounds like you, or if you’re the kind who feel hungry easily shortly after any meal, read on.

1. You didn’t have a balanced meal

healthy balanced diet

Every meal requires these nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fibre. Protein helps you stop feeling hungry, carbohydrates provide you with energy, fats gives you the “satisfying” feeling after a meal, and fibre makes your meal feel “denser” (hence, you feel fuller). A common mistake when people diet for weight loss is to go for only vegetables (high in fibre) but this will make you feel hungry faster.

DV Tip: Plan your meal and consciously add foods that give you sufficient nutrition. Instead of only eating a plate of greens, add some boiled chicken, prawn or egg (for protein), some bread, biscuits or potatoes (for carbs), and some olive oil dressing (for fats).

2. You loaded up on too much sugary foods

binge eating

Does your meal consists of sugary foods like muffins or granola bars (yes, granola bars!). Sugary foods may make you feel full and satisfied fast because they offer a burst of energy, but they are not sustainable and your energy level will crash before you say “dinner”.

3. You are under-eating

eating healthy

You need around 400 kcal of food per meal to maintain your weight. People who diet for weight loss usually go overboard and eat too little – going for just 200 kcal or even less per meal. We’re referring to those who eat an apple and consider it as one meal. Eating too little will make you feel hungry, and the temptation to binge after eating will be much higher.

DV Tip: To lose weight, consider eating 300 to 350 kcal worth of food for each meal instead. This will make sure you feel filled up.

4. You just exercised


Exercising can make you feel hungry quicker, we’ve explained why previously. If you tend to feel ravenous on days you’re exercising, snack a little first before your workout, and drink up. Read our previous article for more tip to manage post-workout hunger, so you can avoid eating more than you lose.

5. You’re not actually hungry

drink water for beauty

You’re actually thirsty. Sometimes our body mistake dehydration for hunger, and send signals that tell you that you’re hungry. Whenever you feel hungry, reach out for the water bottle instead. Hydrate yourself and wait for a while before deciding if you’re really hungry.

DV Tip: Hydrate yourself with good ol’ plain water and refrain from soft drinks. Remember what sugars do to your body? If you’ve forgotten, refer to Reason #2 again.