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Health.com reveals 14 age-accelerating foods and we picked out seven that Singaporeans are most guilty of. Cliche as it may sound, you are what you eat, so it’s time to consume in moderation these seemingly innocent foods we find in our everyday diet.

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1. Sweets

Looks like this childhood favourite has been causing our skin ageing since Day 1. Sugar overload leads to glycation, which ultimately destroys collagen in your skin, and as we know, this is responsible for keeping our skin looking firm and bouncy.

2. Alcohol

Drinking in moderation only for occasional socialising probably isn’t going to give you huge issues. But over-drinking too frequently? It isn’t just dehydrating, it can affect your liver. Your liver is responsible for expelling toxins and if it doesn’t function properly, the toxin build-up can cause problems to your skin such as acne, wrinkles and sallowness. And of course, there are health problems associated to a poor-functioning liver too.

3. White wine

White wine gets a special mention apart from “alcohol” because of how it damages teeth compared to other alcohol. Surprising, huh! Apparently, the acid in white wine is an enamel-destroyer, and can make your teeth more prone to permanent stains. In other words, if you use coffee to perk yourself up after a long night drinking sauvignon blanc, you’re going to be susceptible to those unflattering coffee stains. And yellow/brown teeth definitely doesn’t help with looking youthful.

4. Charred meat

Time to decline BBQ invites, because charred meat may contain hydrocarbons that are pro-inflammatory, and inflammation breaks down collagen in your skin. But if you really can’t live without BBQ parties, consider scrapping off the charred portion and clean your BBQ grill thoroughly.

5. Processed meats

It’s hard to resist sausages, hams and bacons. But the next time you want to pick it up, remember it can accelerate skin ageing. These meats are high in salt, which can make you appear puffy because of water retention, and they also contain preservatives that can cause inflammation on the skin, aggravating problems like acne.

6. Spicy food

Singaporeans take pride in our ability to take spicy food, but unfortunately, that laksa with extra chilli may aggravate rosacea-prone skin. Spicy food also dilates the blood vessels, and can cause, especially in women during menopause, skin that looks blotchy and old.

7. Coffee

Your daily cuppa may be a great perk-me-up for your mind, but it may not do the same for your skin. This acidic beverage doesn’t just cause erosion on your teeth overtime, it is also diuretic, which means it can dehydrate you (and your skin). However, no need to cut your daily java just yet, consider drinking up a lot more water after you have your coffee. The neutral pH of water can neutralise the acid from coffee, and also put hydration back into your body.

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