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weight gain

Forget about fad diets that may not work. Here are ways to lose weight effortlessly, which have been proven by scientists and researchers.

#1: Eat Off Small, Blue Plates

blue plate

Time to invest in small, blue plates, because researchers from Boston University found that we tend to eat more when there’s less contrast between the colour of the food and the plate we eat from. Few foods are naturally blue, so this shade becomes the ideal colour if you want to reduce your desire for food. Red and yellow, on the other hand, are colours to avoid, because they stimulate appetite. Smaller plates also make your food look “more” relatively, decreasing the likelihood of piling on excessive amounts of food.

#2: Curb Hunger By Sniffing These

Green Apple

You can suppress your appetite by sniffing green apples, bananas, peppermint or vanilla, according to Alan R Hirsch at the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. Smelling these “neutral” sweet aroma can fool your brain into thinking that you’ve just had a snack, and in turn curb your hunger.

#3: Eat Before A Full-Length Mirror

eat in front of mirror

Watching yourself eat makes you more conscious of what you’re eating. While it is strange, researchers at the Arizona State University say that this can help you eat more healthily and moderately. So, if you’re eating at a restaurant with mirrors, you’d know which seat to choose if you’re trying to lose weight!

#4: Keep Your Bedroom Pitch Dark

sleep in dark room

Neuroscientists at the Ohio State University discovered that mice that slept in complete darkness don’t gain as much weight as those that were exposed to dim light. Apparently, those exposed to dim lighting started eating at odd hours – doesn’t this sound like our late-night snacking habit? So, keep your sleeping area pitch dark, wear a sleeping mask to sleep, and turn off all devices that light up (e.g. the TV, laptop and mobile phone) an hour before you hit the sack because dim lighting from them counts too.

#5: Season Your Food With Spicy Flavours


According to researchers at the Purdue University, foods that are spicy, such as black pepper and garlic, can help with calorie-burning. These spicy flavours increase your metabolism and as your body produce more heat with the consumption of these spices, your body also burn more calories. On top of this, the strong aromas and flavours from them make you take smaller bites, which reduces the chances of overeating. But of course, watch where these flavours are going into – we are definitely not encouraging you to load up on laksa every day!

#6: Freeze Away Your Fats

Cryotherapy, also known as the use of low temperatures in medical treatments, has been scientifically-proven and in practice since the 17th century. Today, scientists extend its use to help with slimming naturally and healthily. Such treatments work by exposing fat cells to extreme cold temperature to “freeze” them. These frozen fat cells will be degenerated and go through a process called adipocyte apoptosis, which in layman term means that they “die”. The degenerated fat cells will then be eliminated naturally through the body’s own metabolism, which can help reduce excess fat and the overall thickness of fat layer in the body, helping a person lose weight and drop inches. What is interesting about such technology is that only the fat cells are treated upon, and not the surrounding tissues.

pro freeze slimming photos

Experienced slimming expert, Marie France Bodyline, offers the Pro-Freeze treatment based on this technology, and celebrities like Fann Wong likes this treatment because it is able to remove unwanted fat, and it doesn’t have downtime unlike liposuction because it’s non-invasive. Finally, you are also able to do spot treatment. In other words, you can choose the exact spot you want to see slimming effects on. Read our review of this treatment.

#7: Keep fatty food far away, literally

diet healthy food

You’re lazy – and that’s good, according to scientists, and you should use that for your benefit. In an experiment, undergraduates at Saint Bonaventure University were separated into three groups: one with the popcorn near them and the apple slices about 1.8 metres away, one sat near apple slices and buttered popcorn roughly 1.8 metres away, and the last group one had both snacks near them. Even though the respondents told the researchers they preferred popcorn over apples, guess what they ate more of – whatever was closest to them.

So, if someone in your family is stocking up on unhealthy or fatty foods that you know you should be avoiding, make sure that they’re stored at somewhere inconvenient for you. You can also make sure healthy snacks are available more readily. By storing these foods at strategic locations within the house, you’ll be sure that you’ll not binge eat unhealthily as frequently.

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