Can 5-minute fitness routines really be effective?

We know that there’s often a moment or two in your week where you just feel too overwhelmed. You’re time-starved and hard-pressed to carve out the time to do a workout, but you know you need to break a good sweat.


It is at this very moment, that five-minute workouts like this, this, and this pique your interest. They promise a hike in your heart rate, without taking away your time. But, what exactly are all these five-minute workouts good for?


… make or break the five-minute workouts’ reputation. Some people are totally not convinced of their efficacy, while others swear by them. The key difference between these two groups is what they both expect to get out of any workout. For example, if you’re expecting to lose weight using five-minute workouts, then there is a high chance that you’re going to be disappointed. Five-minute workouts, on average, do not burn many calories.

In fact, intense five-minute workouts like Tabata Trainings only burn 15 calories a minute, and that’s after you’ve warmed up and started focusing on maxing out the number of repetitions during each timed set. So sure, 20-minute Tabata Trainings will be perfect for blasting calories. But, if you’re only going to do it for five-minutes, that’s only 75 calories.

Keeping what you have


However, if you’re expecting to simply maintain your muscle mass and metabolism, then you’ll definitely appreciate intense five-minute workouts when you’re ultra busy. While lean muscle groups definitely help you with blasting away fat, your body still requires activity to hike up its metabolism. This is where a high-challenge five-minute workout benefits you the most. When you start regularly stressing your muscles at a high intensity, you are able to keep them functional and ready for your next 45-minute workout! As an added bonus, the short, hard workout will give you a slight bump in your metabolism.

5 minutes of versatility

We’re not shy to admit that we’re fans of the five-minute workout. It can help prime your body for the next day’s major gym/yoga/bodyweight activity, and it’s highly adaptable. Our favourite five-minute workouts are mostly quick, short bursts of bodyweight, done at maximum effort. Check out these classic five-minute workouts if you’d like to kick-start your plans:

Make it challenging, everytime

At the end of the day, what you want to do for every single long or short workout, is to do your best at it. If you don’t have 45 minutes to spare, then give your absolute best for five minutes so that you’re ready for that next big gym session or run.

Most importantly, keep going, and stay active always!


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