Time is so scarce in modern day life. We’re office-bound at least 8 hours a day and barely have time to do any form of exercise. Add a partner in your life, and you might suddenly realise that you’re pressed for time. You need to work out, but you also want to spend time with your significant other. The answer to your problem: Why not both?

Instead of checking out the latest cafe that has opened in Tiong Bahru, try these ideas instead:

1. Take a hike!

We have nature available in Singapore, and we should totally take advantage of all that’s given to us in our land-scarce nation. While MacRitchie is the de facto hiking ground, you can also consider locations like The Southern Ridges, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Dairy Farm Nature Park. They’re all perfect date locations because they aren’t ultra-challenging, you can encounter interesting wildlife, and it’s a good time for you to simply enjoy each other’s company and deep conversations. Pick a time when you can enjoy the sunset together.

2. Attend a couple yoga class together

I do this with my girlfriend, and I can tell you that it’s absolutely fun. Yoga isn’t the easiest thing to pick up, and therein lies the reason why it’s such a great fitness date. If you’re both yoga beginners, you’re probably not going to achieve what the couple in this picture is doing.


In fact, you’re more likely to struggle as you get the poses right, tremble as you hold them properly and then feel the after effects of a yoga session. But guess what? You’ll have great memories of doing it together, and it’s something to laugh at as you end the day!

Get footloose!

Some people might not like nature that much. That’s alright because everyone can do with a little bit of boogie dancing! Learning how to dance requires coordination, muscle control and cardiovascular fitness, so getting footloose and fancy with your partner is a perfect way to encourage a hike in heart rate while getting to know them better. As you learn the Waltz, and do the Cha-Cha together, you’ll get fitter and grow closer! How’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

Run around Marina Bay

Running doesn’t need to be a solitary activity! We all need a little bit of motivation once in a while, so there’s nothing better than running with your special someone. This date isn’t just fun, it’s also low-cost and very accessible. Just start anywhere along the bay, and follow this route:

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that you’re going to be running past some great places to eat as well, so you can actually take pit stops with your date and just have a meal. If you’re more into sights and sounds, there are some great views at Marina Barrage for you to just chill out with your date. You can take your time, and spend almost half a day doing this route.