It’s not your fault for thinking incessantly about that fatty piece of fried chicken or satisfying slice of dark chocolate cake. Stop feeling disgusted by yourself for having such cravings – these desires are simply a way your body tries to tell you that it is lacking specific nutrients. So instead of beating yourself up for not resisting these foods – and you have an expanding waistline to remind you of these guilty indulgences – feed your body with what it actually needs.

food cravings

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Who could resist a good chocolate fix? On some days, a few pieces of chocolate straight from the fridge will hit the spot.

So good

What your body needs: Chocolate has magnesium, chromium, B-vitamins and/or essential fatty acids. Your body is calling out to you for these nutrients.

Replace it: If you want to skip the chocolate, go for raw nuts and seeds, legumes or fruits instead. Don’t like those options? That’s okay! Just go for a few squares of dark chocolate with high cocoa content!