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Lunchtime can be a tough proposition for people in the CBD. There’s always the temptation to go for a slab of hearty steak or a plate of satisfying pasta, only to regret when the post-lunch food coma hits. We know you’re trying really hard, but we also know it’s really difficult to eat healthily in the city. Luckily for you, we’ve got a whole bunch of healthy places to eat in the CBD. The best thing? They’re all tasty!

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1. The Probiotic Bar by Good Food Heals


Where: #01-12, THE ARCADE (11 Collyer Quay)

Good Food Heals started out in a small unit at North Canal Road, but they’ve moved on to open up a new location at The Arcade at Collyer Quay. The Probiotic Bar by Good Food Heals serves uber-healthy meals specially crafted so that you get maximum nutrient density. We recommend the vegetarian Frit (Wo)man, which is a super healthy combination of flourless rainbow frittata muffin, organic kale, broccoli, roasted carrot, probiotic achar relish and probiotic plum citrus tomato with Korean sesame dressing. There are other great choices, with fan favourites like Kyoto Glow (great for skin!) and the colourful Rainbow Detox.

2. The Daily Cut


Where: #B1-31, One Raffles Place (1 Raffles Place)

The Daily Cut is not shy about its protein-based inclinations, and we love that about them. Salads move fast at this outlet, and there are often queues during lunch time, so we recommend either going early or taking away. The key attraction? Well, it’s a beautiful ribeye steak (additional SGD1) added to a salad that you build yourself. Meals start at SGD12, with larger sizes giving you more protein options. You can choose tofu if you’re vegan, but there are great choices like chicken thigh/breast, tilapa fillet, salmon fillet, turkey breast and even shrimp. They’re also really smart with the complex carbohydrates, so you’ll have some great choices like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and even sweet potatoes. It’s a unique offering, definitely focused on replenishing post-workout bodies.

3. Grain Traders


Where: #01-01 to 03, CapitaGreen (138 Market Street)

Located at CapitaGreen, Grain Traders is quite a place to have lunch! Everything here is either braised, roasted, grilled or boiled. It’s wholesome food for sure, with really interesting grains like Bulgur wheat. But you’ll have to be careful about the proteins, because they do have items like slow-roasted pork that can be slightly higher in fat than the rest of the proteins on the line. However, we feel that their selection of veggies helps them stand out. After all, which other place serves butternut squash or apple kimchi?

4. Gaest


Where: #01-01, The Clift (21 McCallum Street)

Located closer to the Downtown Core area, Gaest serves up Nordic-inspired meals. While their menu changes as the day goes by, we’d suggest that you drop by at lunchtime for some great sandwiches. This writer has picked up the Salmon sandwich, mostly because its lead ingredient is locally smoked. This flavour is off-set by some very healthy apple pickled beetroot. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, then their Potato sandwich is perfect for you. Its salt-boiled potatoes are perfect, but the rest of the ingredients like leeks, hazelnut and pea tendrils come together to make it a hearty meal when put together with the smoked mayonnaise.

5. SSÄM Korean-Mexican Kitchen


Where: #B2-45, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 (8 Marina Boulevard)

SSÄM is a quirky little place located at MBFC, serving up Korean-Mexican fusion rice bowls, burritos and salads. Choosing between the rice bowl, burrito or salad will determine what toppings you will have, so you only have control over the proteins. Luckily, the proteins are exciting enough. There are 60-hour marinated beef short ribs, chicken thigh, sesame tofu or decadent crackling pork belly & shoulder to choose from. We’ll definitely recommend taking either the chicken thigh or the sesame tofu!

6. Real Food Cafe & Grocer


Where: #B1-52/53, The Central (6 Eu Tong Sen Street)

This is a great place to visit especially when you’re eating with a vegan or vegetarian friend. Real Food meticulously sources its food ethically from raw food producers, then puts in even more effort to make everything from scratch in the kitchen. Its cafe at The Central (joined to Clarke Quay MRT station) serves up hearty and wholesome dishes that warm the heart. We recommend the dumpling soup. The name of this dish may not sound impressive, but it’s chock full of great ingredients like french beans, mushrooms, beancurd, carrots, amongst other nutritionally-dense vegetables.

7. O’Bean Organic Soya Store


Where: 30 Tanjong Pagar Road

Another vegetarian- and vegan-friendly eatery, O’Bean is all about providing tasty and affordable comfort food for everyone. A glance at its menu and you’ll quickly spot options that are familiar to Singaporeans, such as kway chap, which looks like the real deal, but doesn’t contain any meat. You should also check out O’Bean’s ramen, which is made from a herbal base and while no pork is used, still tastes delectable.

8. Shinkansen


Where: #B1-08, Ocean Financial Centre (10 Collyer Quay) and #03-22, [email protected] Pagar (100 Tras Street)

Shinkansen focuses on placing a Japanese spin on the usual salad offerings. Salad or rice bowls can be built to order. YOu can also choose from their pre-built options for a faster order that tastes just as good. We recommend the Shin-Osaka Signature bowl for its delicious combination of yuzu-honey Roast Chicken, steamed broccoli, mushroom, plum momotaro tomato baby spinach, romaine and butterhead lettuce, cherry tomato, and wafu dressing.

9. Wheat Baumkuchen


Where: #B1-32, One Raffles Place (1 Raffles Place) and #02-02, Asia Square Tower 1 (8 Marina View)

This place is a bit of an oddity, mostly because it steers clear of the salad bar trend that’s so prevalent in the area. Wheat Baumkuchen skips the salads and focuses on pushing out staple-based meals that are equally healthy. Replacing traditional carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates, they serve out combinations like brown rice beef stews, quinoa with chicken and soba with tuna flakes. The menu is large, so there’s no chance of getting bored anytime soon. We recommend the “Bull’s Eye”, a flavourful beef stew that goes on top of a brown/red rice mix.

10. DoSiRak

kgfast27 - Menu_Soy SesameDakgogi##########fast##########DOSIRAK

Where: #01-02, China Square Central (18 Cross Street)

Innovatively packaged for quick, on-the-go meals specifically catered to keep busy executives going, DoSiRak’s China Square outpost is focused on takeaways. Customers can pick up sub-500 calorie combinations that pack a colourful mix of vegetables and tasty proteins. Besides the usual salmon, unique offerings like bulgogi beef and kimchi tofu keep things fresh.

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