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When I was first introduced to Venus Freeze, the latest body treatment by Marie France Bodyline, I thought it was another cryotherapy treatment that uses cold technology to “freeze” fats. I was mistaken.

cellulite and fats

Freezing fats isn’t exactly a new technology anymore; Venus Freeze uses the patented (MP)² technology, which combines Magnetic Pulse fields and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency. The former has been used for medical treatment, and is now used for skin firming and cellulite reduction in this new treatment.

How does Venus Freeze work?

venus freeze

Using an FDA-approved equipment, Venus Freeze is able to increase oxygen, nutrients and blood supply to the skin. At the same time, it provides a uniform and consistent delivery of the thermal energy into the skin’s tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. This restoring response produces new elastin fibres and causes new collagen to form, resulting in skin tightening and cellulite reduction. The applicator, when reaches the therapeutic temperature of between 43ºCto 45ºC, effectively dissolves the fat which aids in inch loss and circumferential reduction.

How did it feel?

Instead of a cold feeling that the name “Venus Freeze” may suggest, it ironically delivers a warm sensation on the body. The therapist works with me to continuously adjust the heat so that it reaches a temperature that I was comfortable with. I wouldn’t say that there’s no discomfort at all – it is going to be challenging if you don’t like to deal with heat – but I find it bearable. Because I have thin and sensitive skin, there’s a significant redness on my skin after the treatment was done, but it goes away within a few minutes. (I am the kind of person who flushes like a red apple after a workout, so I wasn’t surprised that the heated device left redness on my skin.)

Most importantly, the Marie France Bodyline therapist was very attentive, and made sure I was comfortable all the time. For the entire 30 to 40 minutes of treatment, she was next to me to make adjustments to the temperature and to answer any questions I have, and at the same time explained to me how the treatment will be useful for me.

Marie France Bodyline recommends a minimum of eight treatments for optimal results. I was told that clients will continue to see an improvement in terms of skin tightening, visible cellulite reduction, firmer skin, circumferential reduction, wrinkle reduction, shrinking of fat bulges, and repairing of stretch marks, over the next three months after the series of treatments are completed.