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Exercising is an important part of our lives. It keeps our body well, regulates our heart and lungs, and lowers the risk of disease. Experts recommend a workout session of 20 minutes per day, for at least three times a week. From aerobic exercises that focus on cardiovascular endurance, to anaerobic exercises that increases physical strength, there are a myriad of of exercise activities to choose from.

Did you know that one of the top barriers to exercise is the lack of time and will power? Some fitness enthusiasts recommend personal trainers who can help with motivation and maximising your fitness results. But are they a necessity or a luxury?

Read on to find out more!

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Why should you have a personal trainer?

1. You are an exercise newbie.

You haven’t exercised since Physical Education classes and the only exercise you know is jogging. If that’s the case, then a personal trainer help you start you off on the right foot! She/He can show you various basic exercises and help you come up with a routine that’s both manageable and effective for you.

2. You need motivation

Exercise inertia is very real. The moment you decide to skip a session or do less repetitions than you should, it’s endgame. Personal trainers make sure you stick to your exercise schedule. And as you sweat it out, they will be by your side to encourage you and even help inject some fun by switching up the routine with new exercises intermittently.

3. You want to exercise safely

Good personal trainers are a walking bible. They know exactly which exercise you should do and how you should do it. With them by your side, they can help correct your posture immediately so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. They also know when you should take it easy and when they can push you further. For those with health issues, a personal trainer will be able to come up with less intensive variations of exercise to help you achieve your goals.

4. A programme that’s completely customisable

Unlike a gym class where everyone does the same thing, a personal trainer is able to specially customise your own routine. He can tailor a plan that allows you to achieve your #bodygoals in your own time and according to your own lifestyle. If you want to work out at home or try another gym outlet at different timings, your personal trainer will be able to accommodate.

5. Your training has become stagnant

Perhaps you have been exercising for a while now and you noticed that you are a tad bored and aren’t getting as much as you used to out of your workouts. A personal trainer can get you out of that rut, make exercise fun again and challenge you further.

Why you may not need a personal trainer

1. Gyms usually provide a complimentary session

A personal trainer helps you understand your body, shows you a routine and teaches you how to use some machines. Once you have got that down and if the exercises are simple enough, you can actually manage pretty well by yourself. Make use of that free session your gym has provided you with and arrange another session only when you need it.

2. The Internet can be your teacher

The Internet gives us access to many things, including learning a new exercise routine step by step. There are online tutorials that prep you for marathons and then, there are videos that give you a full body workout in 10 minutes. You can also pick up Zumba and Yoga along the way, at no charge! Body Building and Fitsugar are great resources to start you off.

3. It can be rather expensive

Personal trainers can be quite expensive, especially if you’re having regular sessions over a long period of time. It’s like one-to-one tuition. Exercise can actually be free, depending on what you want. For those of us who want a good, solid cardio session, just head out for a run!

4. It’s not easy getting the right one

Getting a personal trainer who clicks with you, understands you and is interested in what you want is like getting into a relationship. You invest your time and effort and sometimes, it might not work out – even after several breakups.

DV Tip: Psst! If you still have a tough time deciding if you need personal training, this quiz might help!

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