For all the benefits a good facial gives you, little information is given about how to care for your face right after one. There are things you do that are seemingly harmless, helpful even, but are actually stripping off all the benefits your expensive facial was supposed to give.

To get the most out of your facials, we’ve listed down the top things you should avoid doing right after one.

1. Stop picking on your pimples!

It might be tempting to continue with your own little extraction session for those left over pimples. You might be wondering if your therapist missed a spot; since your face is already red with all the other extractions, what difference is another going to make, right?

Wrong. Your therapist might have left that particular spot for a reason. It could be that it is not ready for extraction yet, or your therapist believes it is subsiding soon and requires no extraction. If you’re still in doubt, check your face before you leave the salon, and ask your therapist about the exact spots you thought she missed.

2. Avoid the sun like a plague


This is especially so for facials involving a scrub or peel, such that it removes dead skin cells and reveal a new layer of vulnerable skin cells that can easily burn. This new layer is extremely susceptible to sun damage or on the extreme, skin cancer.

Try to avoid staying out under direct sunlight from the next 72 hours after a facial, or put on some sunblock if you absolutely have to.

3. No washing your face, please

cleansing washing face

… or at least for the next half of the day. Your therapist has just spent an hour or so stripping out all the bad pollutants from your pores, and your face is already as clean as it can get. By further washing your face, you are going to put excess stress on your skin, which might work in the opposite direction for you. In some cases, great skincare goodness has been infused into your skin and the last thing you want is to cleanse them all out.

Try washing your face gently with some warm water before heading to bed instead, and continue with your regular regime the next day.

4. Don’t indulge in an alcoholic beverage

christmas party red wine

After a facial (or any other spa treatment), your blood circulation improves and alcohol will have a stronger effect on you. At the same time, alcohol also has a dehydrating effect on skin generally, and you’d want to avoid it to retain the good condition of your skin after a satisfying facial treatment.

5. Don’t rush for important appointments; take a break!

Don’t schedule a first date or an important business meeting right after the facial treatment. Chances are, your face is going to be a little red from the extractions, and tender from all the treatment done to it. You could cover it up with makeup, but your pores just got cleaned out of all the junk and you probably rather not pile on anything on it. The best thing to do? Call it a day and head back to relax.