It has been a year since you have started work. You have finally found the time to have a quick catch up with your college friends. Seated around the table, you begin to realise how everyone seems to have become a little, just a little pudgier…

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We should be all too familiar with this scene. Working life somehow has this inexplicable way of tying your clothes a little tighter, slowly but ever so surely.

Here are seven reasons why work has proven to be detrimental to your waistline and because we at Daily Vanity care about you, we have found ways to keep the weight off!

Work habit 1: Being overly-attached to your seat

Overworked 1

Overworked 1

Most of us are tied to our desk bound jobs. At work alone, we sit for an average of seven hours daily. This works up to at least 35 hours a week. Not withstanding the number of hours we spend asleep, this sedentary lifestyle is causing us to burn a lot lesser than what our bodies are used to.

DV Tip

Make the additional effort to walk. Do not holler to the person closest to the photocopier to bring that piece of work you need. Instead, head over yourself.

Work habit 2: On the job stress

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Ever had that feeling of wanting to dive straight into bed right after a stressful day at work? Well, apparently while that works for your soul, your waistline does not benefit as much. Individuals who are stressed are usually more inclined towards weight gain as they tend to engage in unhealthy behaviours such as watching television or even going for drinks to seek comfort after a hard work week.

DV Tip

Pick up a sport or join a fitness class with some of your friends. You can hit the gym together after work to vent some frustrations and have fun all at the same time!

Work habit 3: Late nights and even later meals

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Working late is a magnet that attracts those unwanted pounds. When you knock off work at a later time you will usually find yourself at some fast food joint or just waiting to dig into that dish of buffalo wings and that pint of icy cold beer. NOT WISE.

DV Tip

Instead of staying in till so late, why not head home just a little earlier and make your way back to the office earlier the next day! More will be done with less impact on your stomach.

Work habit 4: Lack of healthy lunch options

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We all know that eating out usually packs a lot of calories. But yet, even food items with lesser calories are not necessarily “healthy”. Unfortunately, our favourite hawker food may be slightly easier on our pockets but not on our waistline.

Let us have a moment of silence to mourn the demise of our figure.

DV Tip

Pack your lunches! If you think you will not have enough time to do it everyday, prepare your week’s lunch at the beginning of the week. You can also click on this tip to take you to another page with some low-calorie lunch ideas!

Work habit 5: Candy jars and well stocked pantries

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We have heard of that amazing google pantry. It must be extremely exciting to come to work knowing fully well that your tummy will never go hungry. BUT, is that really a good thing?

DV Tip

To find out if you are really hungry or just peckish, ask yourself if you would like to have an apple. If the answer is yes, you are truly hungry. Reach for the healthiest thing in the pantry, like a fruit. Or if you want something crunchy get a handful of baked nuts.

Work habit 6: Mindless eating

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It is always comforting to have the bowl of chips placed near your work station. Chomping down that mouthful of chips totally helps us think better. The problem is, with such mindless snacking, we are loading up on calories unnecessarily. An hour later, we are hungry once again and our arms will be reaching out to grab something else.

DV Tip

Sometimes, your brain triggers a hunger signal because you're dehydrated. Consider drinking water to see if the peckish feeling goes away. Otherwise, distract yourself by going for a short walk, because many people snack when they feel bored.

Work habit 7: Lack of sunlight

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This is an interesting one. What does sunlight have to do with putting on weight? Well, apparently, researchers have found that employees with lesser light exposure during work hours get less physical activity even after work. This does not help much especially with the sedentary lifestyles we are already so used to having.

DV Tip

Every two or three hours, take a two-minute walk to a nearby window or out of the office. You get to stretch your muscles and get that much needed sunlight. If that is not possible, try to get as much morning sunlight as you possibly can before coming into work.