This killer workout plan is just as effective as a good run, but makes sure you don’t have to brave the haze

Stuck at home and can’t go for your run because of the PSI readings?

Here’s is one workout idea that’s just as effective as that run, without the need for lacing up those shoes.

Tabata Training


A great workout every time you’re stuck at home or time-pressed, Tabata training sessions are super-intense sessions meant to push you to the limit. This method of training is no joke, as it is used as a training method for Japanese Olympic Speed Skaters training for the Winter Games. Invented by Dr Izumi Tabata, this workout is a challenging interval-based training method that’s meant to simultaneously improve aerobic and anabolic fitness. How it works is that for every exercise, you work very intensely for 20 seconds, before taking a 10 second break.

“Beat the Haze” Tabata Workout


Now that you know the basics, let’s talk about the workout. This “Beat the Haze” workout we propose can be done as long as you have a space large enough to lie down on. You can essentially do this in your room. Just remember: take a 10 second break, every 20 seconds. Here are the exercises:

“Beat the Haze”

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Crunches
  • High Knees
  • Forward Lunges
  • The Cockroach – Starting on all fours, crawl as fast as possible forward for four paces. Stop, get up, and jump in the air. Turn around, get back on all fours, and repeat.
  • Squat Jump – Drop into a Squat, then jump upwards from there using maximum strength.

*BREAK TIME!* Take a 30 to 45 second breather here!

Beginners: Repeat entire set of exercises 4 times.
Intermediate: Repeat entire set of exercise 6 times.
Advanced: Repeat entire set of exercise 8 times.

Keeping the beat

Instead of using a timer, an easier – and definitely more fun – way is to use music to pace yourself. Apparently, plenty of people had that same idea, and started to cut Tabata soundtracks of their own. Of course, the generous nature of the Internet means that such music is widely available to all of us! Most of these tracks are super helpful because they actually count you down to the next exercise, and even tell you when to rest! You never need to count your sets again, because you can get free tabata music from Spotify Playlists like this to keep your tabata supersets on track!

Alright! It’s now time for you to take the reins and push yourself to the limit with this workout. Go beat the haze!


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