Everything you need to know about the HPV vaccination

The HPV vaccination is recommended for both men and women between the age of 9 to 26 before exposure to sexual activity. If you have engaged in prior sexual acts, you can still go for the vaccination and get protected against the sub-types of HPV that you have not been exposed to.

Hpv Vaccination 1

1. What types of HPV Vaccines are available?

In Singapore, there are 3 types of HPV vaccines available, namely Cervarix, Gardasil and Gardasil 9.

Type of Vaccine

Protect against these sub-types of HPV
Cervarix 16, 18
Gardasil 4 6, 11, 16, 18
Gardasil 9* 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58

*Not claimable by Medisave

According to Health Promotion Board, Cervarix helps to prevent cervical cancer while Gardasil helps to prevent cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer and genital warts.

Hpv Vaccination 2

2. How many doses are there?

There are a total of 2 doses for females from age 9 to 13 years inclusive, and 3 doses for females from age 14 to 26 years inclusive. You are strongly encouraged to complete all the doses to receive the full benefits of the HPV vaccine.

  • First Dose: At the appointed date
  • Second Dose: 1-2 months after the first dose
  • Third Dose: 4-6 months after the first dose

Hpv Vaccination 3

3. Can Medisave be used to pay for the HPV Vaccination?

With effect from 1 Nov 2010, patients can use up to $400 under the Medisave 400 scheme to pay for the HPV vaccination. Patients can use either their own Medisave or that of their immediate family members (e.g. parents). However, males are not eligible to use the Medisave.

4. Some common questions asked before getting vaccinated

Q: Will there be any side effects of the vaccine?

A: Some common side effects include pain, swelling, fever and irritation at the site of the injection.

Q: I’m pregnant/breastfeeding. Can I still go for the vaccination?

A: Vaccinations are NOT recommended for pregnant females. If you discover that you are pregnant after the first or second dosage, it is advisable to postpone the third dosage till after delivery. However, if you discover that you are pregnant after completing all three doses of the vaccine, there is NO NEED to terminate the pregnancy.

For more information, please do check with your doctor or healthcare practitioners!

5. Where can I get the HPV Vaccination done?

Here are some clinics that offer HPV vaccinations for your reference (not exhaustive):

For University Students

Clinic Address Opening Hours Contact Price
University Health Centre (National University of Singapore) 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road. Level 1, Singapore 119080 8.30am – 6.00pm (Mon-Wed)

8.30am – 5.00pm (Thurs)

8.30am – 5.30pm (Fri)

6601 5035 Please call to enquire
The Clinic @ Campus (Singapore Management University) 70 Stamford Road, #B1-21, Li Ka Shing Library, 178901 8.30am – 4.30pm (Mon-Fri) 6333 9300 Please call to enquire
Fullterton Health @ NTU (Nanyang Technological University) 36 Nanyang Avenue. Singapore 639801 8.30am – 9pm (Mon-Fri)

9.30am – 12pm (Sat)

6793 6828 Please call to enquire

For General Public

Clinic Address Opening Hours Contact Price
National Healthcare Group Polyclinics Ang Mo Kio, Geylang, Hougang, Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Yishun 8am – 1pm; 2pm – 4.30pm (Mon-Fri)

8am – 12.30pm (Sat-Sun)

See list Please call to enquire
SingHealth Polyclinics See list By appointment

8am – 1pm; 2pm – 4.30pm (Mon-Fri)

8am – 12.30pm (Sat)

Book appointment here Please call to enquire
One Doctors’ Family Clinic Various (Ang Mo Kio, Nex, Holland Village, Yishun, Punggol) See list See list $150 per dose


Cervarix $400 for 3 doses


Gardasil $430 for 3 doses

Women’s Health Clinic See list See list See list Please call to enquire
Tanjong Pagar Medical Clinic Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-06 Singapore 082001 9am – 6pm (Mon-Fri)

9am – 2pm (Sat-Sun)

6443 3101


Female doctor available by appointment

Gardasil-4: $120 per dose; $360 for 3 doses (before GST)


Gardasil-9: $250 per dose; $720 for 3 doses (before GST)

Raffles Medical Group See list


Main branch:

Raffles Hospital. 585 North Bridge Road Singapore 188770

See list 6311 2222 $213 per dose

You ca order the vaccination here.



DSC Clinic 31 Kelantan Lane #01-16, Singapore 200031 Public Clinic: 8am – 11am; 1pm – 4pm (Mon-Fri)


Women’s Clinic: 1pm – 4pm


Evening Clinic: 4pm – 6pm (Mon & Fri)

6293 9648 Gardasil-4: $285 for full course


Gardasil-9: $190 per dose; $570 for full course

Shim Clinic 168 Bedok South Avenue 3 #01-473 Singapore 460168 9am – 3pm, 7pm – 11pm (Mon-Fri)


7pm – 11pm (Sat-Sun)

6446 7446 Gardasil $195 per dose


Cervarix $195 per dose

Kensington Family Clinic 14D Kensington Park Road Singapore 557265 Everyday

8am – 3pm; 6pm – 10pm

6288 4882 Gardasil-4: $170 per dose; $480 for 3 doses (before GST)


Gardasil-9: $250 per dose; $720 for 3 doses (before GST)