Dermatologists would tell you that androgens, or male hormones, are approximately 10 times more in males than in females, after they hit puberty. The increase in androgens is the reason why men’s skin is about 30% thicker than women’s, and produce twice as much sebum as women do. These intrinsic factors are why men suffer more severe cases of acne generally. While predisposed to acne, there are many common habits that men do that aggravate their chances of having acne even further. See if you or your loved one is guilty of any of these:

1. Poor shaving

men shaving

Shaving can cause irritation, making acne-prone skin even more susceptible to inflammation. And if your shaving hygiene isn’t fantastic, which means you don’t clean your tools regularly, it will only invite bacteria to your skin, causing further inflammation to acne.

Tip: While you probably can’t stop shaving altogether, you can make things better by using gentler strokes. Using a shave gel and a post-shave moisturiser can help make your skin less dry and irritated. Also, change your razors regularly, or clean out your electrical shaver with anti-bacterial wipes to prevent inflammation.

2. Bulking up muscles

carrying weights

More than women, men are more likely to want to achieve bulkier physique and more obvious muscles. The steps that are needed to build up the physique often include increasing food intake and body training. The body responds to these triggers by increasing androgen production, and as you’ve already read in the introduction, higher androgen level leads to increased sebum production in skin, which makes skin more susceptible to acne.

Tip: Be more diligent with acne care when you’re in the process of body-building. This means to cleanse and moisturise your skin twice a day, and to treat any onset of pimples. On top of this, when you’re at the gym, bring along extra towels to use as barriers to public equipment so you will be less exposed to bacteria that can cause inflammation to your skin, leading to an acne outbreak.

3. Poor cleansing after physical activities


Engaging in physical activities is good for health and for skin, but the problem arises when you fail to properly cleanse after each workout. Grime and impurities from outdoor environments and perspiration can cause clogging of pores and inflammation of skin if you don’t pay enough attention to them.

Tip: Bring along a face cleanser to effectively get rid of grime after your workout. You should also have a separate towel that’s kept clean for your face, and not use the same one for everything.

4. Poor hygiene with daily essentials


How often do you clean your spectacles and sunglasses or wipe down your mobile phones? You interact with these daily, so you can probably imagine how much grime and impurities they are subjected to. The transfer of bacteria from these items can cause inflammation to your skin if you don’t clean them up often.

Tip: Bring your glasses to the bathroom with you and clean it carefully with your facial wash or soap. This helps get rid of accumulated dirt and oil on your frame. For mobile phones, use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean them regularly.

5. Refusing to go for facials

It’s common to hear women saying that they’ve scheduled for a facial treatment; it’s less common for men. Going for a facial treatment isn’t a “women-only” privilege, men can and should do it too! Facial treatments help give skin a booster that it needs and can help to eradicate any skincare concerns more quickly.


Tip: Consider a skincare centre like Men’s Skin Centres, which has several outlets all over Singapore, and offer quality treatments in a men-friendly environment.

Look out for its Advance Propolis Active-Control treatment, which is designed for improving skin by healing blemishes, clearing the appearance of acne scars, and promoting cell regeneration. This treatment has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to really help treat the problem of acne and reduce skin irritation, so that acne can be soothed and skin can look healthy and calm.