mens grooming
Christmas parties are a time when everyone meets up with their friends and family. The ladies will take the chance to impress with their excellent grooming skills, but why should we let them have all the fun? That’s why, we’re here to help you dapper up this Christmas.

Impress them with your fragrance!

men's perfume

Smell makes a lasting impact, so you want your scent to be pleasant and memorable. Instead of just slapping on some cologne, consider this trick called scent-layering. While some people layer scents to boost their fragrance’s intensity, we suggest being subtle. Pick a body wash, aftershave balm and eau de toilette that share common base notes. For example, if your eau de toilette has base notes of sandalwood, a body wash that carries accords of sandalwood will be complementary.

Tame your mane

men styling hair

Somedays, the undercut refuses to get in line. We can’t all have hair like David Beckham, but we should maintain those locks. If you have straight hair, try using pomades, the lesser-known sibling of hair waxes. Pomades give a shinier finish and hold really well.

If you have curlier hair, go for the styling creams. They provide a nice, light shine while keeping hair in line.

Make that beard majestic

men's beard

So, everyone’s raving about the lumbersexual look and we’ve been seeing a marked increase in the number of men keeping their beards as holdovers from Movember. While you don’t need to go full on lumberjack with the demin and flannel, that rugged beard of yours needs some love. Give it the best type of care with beard oils, which keeps your face fuzz soft, shiny and smooth. Good beard oils shouldn’t just smell good, they should contain easily absorbable ingredients like grapeseed, jojoba or coconut oil. Good beard oils also help you to take care of under-beard acne and shouldn’t feel greasy.

Exfoliate for effect

men's skincare

You may not have done this, but trust us when we we say it’s worth it!

Exfoliating is the process of getting rid of the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin to expose the younger, livelier skin beneath.

It is important to remember to wash your face with warm water and soap before you exfoliate. After you’re done with that, you can lather up your exfoliating cleanser and apply using either exfoliating gloves or sponges. After you’ve finished with that, it would be good to moisturise your skin to nourish the new layer of skin you’ve just exposed.

With these four tips, you’ll be ready to smell good, look good and party with confidence! Merry Christmas!