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In order to lose any significant amount of weight, most people would have to work out over a period of time before they can see results. But what if a heart condition stopped you from exercising?

Well, radio personality Mark van Cuylenburg, better known as The Flying Dutchman, face that exact problem. But if you look at him recently, you’ll definitely notice that he has gone down a few sizes and is looking healthier and toner. We were curious, and had to ask him how he lost weight (8kg!) without exercising.


Daily Vanity (DV): What were some weight loss methods you’ve tried previously?
The Flying Dutchman (FD): Like anyone trying to lose weight, I tried dieting, I tried exercising but I found it very hard to commit to because of my very busy schedule. I needed a system that would adapt to me, not a system I had to adapt to. When I was introduced to Kris by MENCE, I found that system. They worked around my schedule and at my pace which made the process fulfilling and effective.

DV: What was the most surprising thing about this weight loss journey?
FD: Other than being able to finally see my feet, I think the one thing I have got out of it is a reduction in a lot of my bodily aches and pains. I find I have more energy and I am more alert.

FD is happier now with his new body shape and better health

DV: How did your heart condition prevent you from losing weight through exercise? And tell us more about the Kris by MENCE system that you talked about.  
FD: It wasn’t so much the heart condition that prevented me from losing weight, although the medication did play a part. It was the over-cautiousness and the fear of pushing myself too far that stopped me from beginning a proper weight loss regime. With Kris by MENCE, I have found a system that takes into account my heart condition, my age, and my lifestyle. They have developed a programme that suits me personally, that is well-paced, that doesn’t over-tax and that gels with my work schedule; that is very important because how many times have we heard the excuse “my schedule doesn’t allow me the time to exercise”?

DV: Share with us how you felt when you first saw weight loss. Who were the first people to notice besides yourself? What were their reactions?
FD: When you undergo the Kris by MENCE programme, weight loss is usually seen after every session so when I saw actual loss after the first session, I was quite amazed. Really, if anyone told you that weight loss could be instant, you would say it’s too good to be true. You need to experience it to believe it so I was happily surprised to note that there was weight loss after every session, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. It is very motivating to see continuous weight loss. The first person to notice my weight loss was my wife, Michelle, who noted that I finally had a profile worth looking at and I looked much better in my clothes.

He was teased by Glenn for wearing maternity shirt

Post weight loss, FD has been teased by colleague Glenn Ong for wearing a maternity shirt.

DV: You have lost 8kg. Is that your target? If not, what’s the eventual target?
FD: When I started, I thought if I could lose 5kg, I’d be happy.  Now that I have lost 8, I need to drop another 1.5kg to 2kg to be where I want ideally.

DV: How has life changed for you, post-weight loss?
FD: I feel better about myself.  I feel better about the way I look. I am more alert, more focused, less tired, basically I am happier for having gone through the weight loss programme.

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