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Many Chinese women have monolids. They’re attractive and can look great with several makeup looks, but as with many other distinctive features, they come with their unique set of problems too – and only those of us who have them know better…

monolids problem

1. We look totally different without eye makeup


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2. Without our makeup, we look constantly stoned…


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3. Or look like we’re judging someone


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4. People never understand why we need an hour to get ready for a big night out

Sorry but not sorry, my larger-than-usual eyes need the full works (eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes, double eyelid stickers, eye shadow…) to look this way, there’s no hurrying it!


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5. That expensive hunt for products to achieve “natural-looking double eyelids”


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6. But they usually never work anyway.


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7. And if they do, instead of compliments, people say…

“What happened to your eyes?” “Why are they so big today?” “Did you go for surgery?”


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8. Too much time is spent trying to conceal double eyelid stickers

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9. And still having those awkward moments where we got “called out”

“Hey, I think there’s something on your eyelids…”


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10. But you know what’s worse? Having only a monolid on ONE eye

So your eyeliner never, EVER balances!


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