The Brace Face community is one of the most enthusiastic and supportive ones.

We enthusiastically confront others, never mind that it is the first time we’re meeting them, on whether they once wore braces if we spot the sign (unusually straight teeth). We start sharing our common experiences of wearing braces; ooh-ing and ahh-ing at common ones. We show empathy to those who are still wearing them, and offer advice on how to deal with the inconveniences like a wise old sage.

After all, those metal things were a huge part of our lives and while we might have removed them now, the memories stay forever. Some we might miss, some we might not, while others… we still go through on a daily basis.

1. Having to go through the same ache every month when you tighten your braces


2. When your dentist hints that you might be able to remove your braces ahead of schedule


3. When your friends complain about their occasional ulcers


4. A true love-hate relationship with any cold food

brain freeze

5. Watching with jealousy as your friends eat an apple as it is


6. Finding last night’s dinner in your brackets


7. Looking creepy when you smile with braces


8. The joy of comparing before and after photos


9.. Realising that removing your braces is not the end because… #retainers


10. Being forever paranoid about your teeth shifting after removal