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If you’re often mistaken for being much younger than your actual age, you may find some, if not all, of these scenarios very familiar. We know how you feel.

1. You are always mistaken as the junior staff in the company

The intern and you walk into a meeting with a business associate you have never met in person before, but have been talking over email. He walks towards the intern enthusiastically, put out his hand and say: “You must be the manager!” before pointing to you and say: “That’s your new intern?”


2. You’re picked up by younger men boys

We’re talking about secondary school or junior college students still in uniform, walking up to you at MacDonald’s, asking for your number.

no baby no

3. Strangers talk to you in a cutesy voice

Hawkers ask you: “Xiao Mei (that’s “little girl” in Chinese), what do you want to have?” in a cute voice.

you have to stop

4. They refuse to let you buy alcohol

…unless you show your ID.


You’ve been over 18 years old for at least 10 years already!

You usually whip it out proudly, with a smirk in your face.

5. You’re introduced to the wrong beauty range

You walk to a beauty counter or drugstore, a beauty advisor comes to you asking you what you need. “A moisturiser” you reply, and she leads you to the teenager product range.

unsuccessful adult

“But I want what the adults are having!”

It’s not all gloom and doom, though. There are happy episodes too.

6. Everyone is surprised when you tell them your age

“I thought you’re still in your early 20s! How could you be a day past 30?”

oh stop it you

7. And everyone wants to know your secret to looking so youthful

Actually, you really don’t know. You haven’t done anything “special”.

i dont even know

But you’ll probably come up with some BS like “I sleep early. I drink lots of water,” because you’re pressurised by the incessant questioning.

8. You can still get away with cute hairstyles

Pigtails, anyone?


9. Student discount?

“Well… yes, I’m a student.”


10. And now it’s all about keeping the youthful looks

Although you really don’t know how to go about doing it (see point #7) but you’re going to do it anyway. #GameFaceOn

i get what i want