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beauty junkie friends

There will always be one person in your group of friends who’s the fashionista, the chill girl, and the makeup junkie/beauty expert. Could the beauty expert be you? Here are 10 signs you’re the beauty guru among your friends!

1. You’re the one who will drop everything for that Sephora sale

beauty guru in group_drop everything

2. And actually spend x amount of money at the Sephora sale

beauty guru in group_whoopsies

3. You save your girls when there’s a makeup emergency

beauty guru in group_i'll save you

Heroine, YOU!

4. You receive selfies from your friends that may look like this-


5. Your friends ask you to do their makeup for a special event

Your response: OF COURSE!

beauty guru in group_excited

6. They don’t understand why you need THAT much makeup

beauty guru in group_i don't understand

7. Your friends count on you for 30-second product reviews

beauty guru in group_pretty pls

8. Makeup shopping? You’re the one they want to go with!

please help me

9. Referring to #8, you really, really don’t mind

beauty guru in group_shopping

10. They slowly divert you to another route when they know you’ll pass by a beauty store

beauty guru in group_drag away

Well not exactly like that. But, you get what we mean.