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With the humidity hitting us real hard these days, it seems like snipping off those tresses could be a good way to embrace the scorching summer. But we got to admit, while it seems like a great idea at first, the regret usually comes as soon as the first snip of the scissors happen. If you have just got a hair-cut, let us know if these ten scenarios make you nod your head!

1. “OMG, is my hair making me look like a mushroom?!”

It usually looks great when you first step out of the salon. Your new ‘do is perfectly styled, thanks to the magic hands of your stylist. Right after you wash your hair for the first time and blow-dry it, you’ll start to wonder if you and the mushroom will be mistaken as cousins.
Unacceptable gif

2. That itch on your neck when your hair is way too short

You’re so used to flipping your hair or playing with it and now all you can feel is your bare neck.

Frustrated gif

3. Getting raised eyebrows when your friends see your short hair

“What made you do it?” is often the first question and you have no good answer for it.

Raising of eyebrows gif

4. People going, “You look better with long hair!”

Thanks for rubbing salt into our wounds.

Hair gif

5. You try to convince yourself the new look is great

“I look fresher! I give off a cool vibe!” Yes, you keep telling yourself.

Bad hair day gif

6. Bye bye high ponytails!

And then you start missing your long locks and the many things you can do with it: tie it in a pony tail, create romantic curls, braid it…

Sad gif

7. When you hair curls outwards making you a walking 60s kid

Short hair means waking up with odd kinks that can only be smoothened out with a lot of blow-drying. And you can no longer hide bad hair days with a ponytail. It doesn’t help that your hair now curls outwards as it starts growing closer to your shoulders.

Shocked gif

8. The agony of waiting for it to grow out

And so the wait begin.


9. The awkward stage when you can’t tie it into a decent ponytail

But when it finally does, you’ll still have to live through the pain of a weird hair shape that is hard to style.

Objective gif

10. But you know you’ll do it all over again

Whether it is an inspiration from a celebrity who has chopped off her tresses or a random thought that you need to “freshen up your look”, you know this whole process will repeat itself.

long hair to short hair