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weight loss

Many associate dieting with losing weight. Despite the million and one diets available out there, the best diet is to have a balanced one, which suits your dietary needs. Starving yourself won’t guarantee you a Victoria’s Secret model-esque body. But with a good meal plan and regular exercise, you might just be able to!

You will be surprised to find out the lengths people would go to lose weight. Here are 13 crazy fad diets that we highly recommend you NOT to try.

1. Fletcherism Diet

Fad diet_fletcher

The Fletcherism Diet was created by Horace Fletcher. He suggested to chew the food you eat 32 times before spitting the remains out. At times, this diet would require you to chew your food until it gets all mushy before swallowing it. The idea is to chew so much until you’re not hungry anymore. You’re so invested in counting how many times you’ve chewed, and chewing itself, that the feeling of hunger eventually fades away.

Trying this diet would also mean that you’d have to spend twice as long to finish your meal at a restaurant. Anyway, how are you going to have a conversation with your dining partner if you have to concentrate on counting how many times you’ve chewed?

2. Sleeping Beauty Diet

Fad Diet_Sleeping Beauty

Nope, this doesn’t come with a prince charming kissing you awake. The sleeping beauty diet simply means to sedate yourself so that you’ll fall into a deep slumber. This way, you won’t get up and eat.

3. Cotton Ball Diet

Fad Diet_Cotton Ball

Some girls soak the cotton balls in lemonade and eat it. What it does is that the cotton ball will expand in the stomach, creating the feeling of being full so that you won’t eat anymore. This can be dangerous because cotton balls have certain chemicals in them that are harmful to your body. Furthermore, it can cause intestinal problems as there are too many fibres in cotton balls.

4. Tapeworm Diet

Fad Diets_Tapeworm

This diet involves consuming a tapeworm and letting it grow inside your body. The idea is that the tapeworm will eat the food you consume, so you won’t gain weight. There are many risks to this diet, obviously. First you’d be growing a parasite inside of you. And secondly, you have to expel it out eventually. But the question is, what if it doesn’t want to leave?

5. Cigarette Diet

Fad Diet_Ciggs

Simply put, instead of eating when you’re hungry, you have a cigarette. Of course, this has major potential health problems. There’s no logic to this, and even if it works, you’re putting yourself in too much health risks.


6. Baby Food Diet

Jennifer Aniston was said to have gone through the baby food diet for her role in the romantic comedy, Just Go With It, where she had a killer body for a 41-year-old. It involved eating 14 portions of baby food a day, with grilled fish and vegetables for dinner.

Fad Diet_baby food

It apparently worked, but imagine the stress you’re putting your body through. Baby food is meant for babies because babies don’t have a strong digestive system yet, they have smaller stomachs and no teeth – which makes sense why pureed food is the best for them. For us adults, we need to chew food. Funnily enough, when we don’t chew for long periods of time, it can cause teeth problems!

7. Twinkie Diet

Fad Diets_Twinkie

We wonder how people find it in themselves to find the logic for a twinkie diet. A twinkie is the bread snack that has a little cream in it. The idea is that if you eat this all day, every day, you won’t gain calories, which means you won’t gain weight. Twinkie have 150 calories each, and even if you eat 10 of them, that’s only 1,500 calories a day.

However, you’ll also get sick of it very quickly. Other than that, you’ll also be depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs.


8. Vision Diet

Fad Diet_Vision Diet

Put on a pair of blue tinted glasses, and it is said to make all food in front of you look disgusting.


9. Cabbage Soup Diet

Fad Diets_Cabbge-Soup-Diet

It’s a very low-fat, yet high-fibre diet. Cabbage soup has no calories, so that’s why it aids in losing weight. However, experts say that the weight that you lose is just water weight, and not fats. This means that when you go back on your regular diet, you will end up gaining weight even more, and at a faster rate.


10. Ear Stapling

Fad Diet_stapling

Ear stapling involves putting pressure – in this case, stapling – the specific areas on the ears that link to the obesity nerve endings. Stapling here means to have a doctor insert a surgical staple in the inner cartilage of the ear. Doing so would help curb hunger, which will help you lose weight.


11. Byron Diet

Fad Diets_byron

Lord Byron was a poet who was obsessed with looking skinny. He went thorough great lengths to lose weight. The Byron diet involves many sub- diets, if you will. First, there was living off biscuits and soda water and potatoes drenched in vinegar. And then wearing thick, wooly clothes to sweat off the pounds. He even consumed magnesia.

12. Master Cleanse Diet

Drinking lemon water is a great way to detox your body. However, replacing your meals with lemon water for 10 days is not the best idea. The Master Cleanse diet requires a person to give up eating solid food for 10 days, and just drinking lemon water or specific juice drinks or cleanses. There are juice cleanses available that requires you to live off juices all day.

Although this apparently helps to make you lose weight, you’d gain back the weight super quickly once you’re done with the cleanse. So really, what’s the point of the master cleanse if you’re going to just gain it all back once you’re done with it?