15 beauty products the internet was obsessed over in 2016 – And which ones are worth your money!

This year we saw our fair share of beauty products that the internet went crazy over. Whether we found them from Instagram, Youtube, or even word of mouth, these are the products everyone is getting their hands on. We suss out the best ones to tell you why they’re worth a space on your vanity table.

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1. Artis Brushes

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Although Artis Brushes (Prices range from SGD50 to SGD715 for a set) are known to be pricier than most beauty tools out there, these brushes have taken the beauty world by storm this year and there’s good reason why it has. Their brushes are made with soft fibres, known as CosmeFibre, which are densely packed together to give a smooth and even application on your skin. You can purchase them from Net-A-Porter or from their own website.

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Bar Eye Shadow Palette

This Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette (SGD76) includes 16 shades of a combination of mattes and shimmers, most of which are neutral shades for the perfect everyday palette. Their shadows are also infused with rich cocoa powder because the smell of chocolate is said to be a natural mood-booster, and who can complain about that? This cute palette can be found at Sephora and is worth every buck.

3. Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

If we’re talking about products the Internet was OBSESSED with this year, Kylie Lip Kits (SGD41) has got to be the biggest beauty rage of the year.

Kylie Jenner created her cosmetics line by first releasing three neutral and at the time, limited quantity, lip kits for the perfect “Kylie pout”. These kits included a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. With the overwhelming reception she received, Kylie is now frequently restocking her products and releasing new collections. She has branched out into new projects, such as eyeliners, glosses, and eye shadow palettes, all of which you can find on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

As this is such a popular product, there are definitely many dupes out there if you can’t get your hands on Kylie’s—go check out Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip or NYX Lip Lingerie for alternatives.

4. Sigma Holographic Lip Gloss

Another lip product that stole the game this year was the Sigma Holographic Lip Glosses (USD14). The holographic effect brings such a mesmerising element to your look and it’s truly hard to look away. The best part about these glosses is definitely pairing them with other lip products to achieve some stunning iridescent results. Unfortunately, they are currently not available on their website, so fingers crossed we get them back soon! Here is our previous feature on the item.

5. Evita Rose Cleanser

Another beautiful product that we were obsessed with this year was the Evita Beauty Whip Soap (SGD16) by the Japanese beauty brand, Kanebo. The main focus of this foam cleanser is the way the product comes out — you simply shake the bottle and press down the dispenser as the foam appears in the shape of a rose.

While this product isn’t currently sold in Singapore, you can find it on platforms such as Airfrov to get your hands on it! Here is our more in-depth feature on the product.

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