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The #sghaze has become an annual event and the mask stash that we’ve stocked up is still useful in the last few weeks. We already know that the haze can have detrimental effects on our health, and on our skin and hair, but these are not the only problems they bring. (Psst, by the way, we’ve already shared some tips on defending your hair and skin in the haze!)

Wearing a mask is the best thing we can do to try to stay healthy during this period, but wearing is a mask is annoying in so many ways, especially for women. We’re sure you can identify with these:

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1. Depression lines around the area where the mask sits.

They stay for a long time after we remove the mask. So unattractive.

not pretty

2. Mask smudges our foundation

After spending so much time blending to perfect the finish we want, it lasted just seconds before everything is on the mask. There goes our 20-minute effort!


3. The strap of the mask ruins a perfect hairdo

Voluminous hair after spending quality time with the blowdryer? Flat. All in one minute, no thanks to the mask’s strap. With masks, who needs bad hair days!


4. Beads of perspiration above the upper lip spoils any makeup attempt

Everything just becomes a cakey mess.


5. Why bother wearing lipstick?

This is us in the morning, before we step out of the house:


Then we remembered that nobody is going to see our fabulous new lip colour. NOBODY.


Maybe what we really need is a mask like this:

mask with design

At least we’ll look cute!

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