Creme Simon may sound like the new kid on the block in Singapore, but this French brand has its heritage traced all the way to 1860. As this iconic brand finally arrives on our sunny island, let’s unearth some precious nuggets about it you may not have heard about.

#1: It’s an ancient beauty secret of French women


The unrivalled no. 1 French skincare brand in 1900, Creme Simon was a household name that was awarded Medaille d’Or at the Exposition Universelle de Paris for its success and contribution to the beauty industry. Unfortunately, the botanical-based brand’s success was briefly disrupted when supply of natural flowers was suspended during the Second World War. Fortunately, though, the heritage and philosophy of this ancient secret has been unveiled once again and even brought to Singapore so we can enjoy it once again.

#2: It’s a celebrity favourite


Beauty icons like Brigitte Bardot and Dominique Wilms are firm fans of Creme Simon.

#3: Climate-customised formulas

le froid et l'air vif

Other than its natural ingredients, another unique point about Creme Simon products are probably that they’re climate-customised. Ahead of its time, the founder, Joseph Simon realise that his products have to help women combat different climates for them to serve their skincare purposes. As such, while the products are French, the formula are designed specifically for Asian climates in this part of the world. What you can look forward to is formulas that are hydrating, without being sticky or heavy on the skin because of our hot and humid weather.

#4: Its most iconic product – the Creme Universelle


The most legendary product that propelled Creme Simon to fame in France is the Creme Universelle (SGD68). This remedy is an all-rounder that helps with the following conditions: moisturise dry cuticles, relieve chapped lips, regenerate dry elbows and cracked heels, soothe sunburnt skin, and relieve common irritations. Basically, it is that one does-it-all that you need in your skincare kit.

#5: Its latest launch is the Brightening Detox range

Crop simulation COMPO_CREME_SIMON_ Decor rapproche' teinte pink

Improving its formula, Creme Simon offers a new range for modern women’s needs. The new Brightening Detox range focuses on providing hydration and radiance to the skin. The products include: a cleanser, toner mist, exfoliation scrub, makeup remover, day and night moisturisers, serum, contouring and lifting gel, sleeping mask, eye treatment gel, and a sunscreen. The prices range from SGD25 for an eye treatment gel to SGD109 for a serum.

Of them, we would recommend checking out the Gentle Double Exfoliation Scrub (SGD68), which has a superior texture that leaves skin feeling smooth and soothed. The Restorative Light Night Moisturiser (SGD98) is worth checking out. It is super hydrating and refreshing, and has a subtle floral scent that provides a sensorial experience to the skincare regime. You’ll feel your skin soft to touch immediately after using it, and wake up with visibly radiant skin.

Creme Simon products are available on their e-shop and these locations:

Soon Lee
73 Haji Lane
Phone: +6562970198

ISETAN Scotts (Pop-Up store)
Only from 1 Sept – 14 Sept 2014
Phone: +6567331111

METRO Paragon (Pop-Up store)
Only from 22 Sept – 5 Oct 2014
Phone: +6568353322