You use these in chat messengers to express your feelings. Emojis are adorable emotive icons that communicate how you feel without needing words. Just for fun, here are the emojis that speak to us as beauty junkies





When we want to buy YET another eyeshadow palette


Emoji Happy

Seeing the new holiday collection from our favourite brand



When we realise we don’t have time to check out Jill Stuart while overseas



After spending one hour to complete our makeup



When someone says he/she doesn’t understand why we need another lipstick



Rumours about our holy grail product discontinuing is confirmed as untrue!



Someone pointed out how dirty our brushes are and asked when the last time we cleaned was



Checking out a beauty sale – up to 80% off!

Have you seen our flash sale shop yet? ;)



The piece of product we’ve been waiting for? Out of stock!



A friend bought us something from a brand that’s not available in Singapore



We saved someone’s day because we do carry makeup removal wipes with us

Does it sound like you? Welcome to the beauty junkie world! Share this with your other beauty junkie friends too!