We wish none of these seven nightmares will become reality because even if one ever did, it would take us a while to get over it. It may seem ridiculous to some, but hey, if you’re an avid K-Pop poster collector, we’re sure the last thing you would want happening to your posters would be a kid tearing them all apart.

1. Sephora/Airport Cosmetics Section/Anywhere that carries all the makeup we love closes down

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_steve-carrell-nooo

2. Holy grail products get discontinued

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_please come back

3. Your favourite brand decided to run a sale (up to 75% off!) one week after you had a huge haul from their counter

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_cries2

4. Your absolute must-have product is out of stock islandwide

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_How-am-i-supposed-to-live

5. Brush hairs shed until they’re rendered useless

We invest a lot on brushes-

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_make-it-rain-guys

To only have them shed…

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_Jenna-Marbles-I-Can't-Even

6. Losing your makeup bag with all your favourite products and makeup emergency secrets

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_why do bad things happen to good people gif

7. Anything in a pan that breaks in your bag or when something spills in your bag

Beauty Junkies Nightmare_Lizzie mcguire frustrated

Have any of these nightmares happened to you?