Having unruly hair is high maintenance. Many will not understand why you cringe at the thought of going out when it’s raining, or going to a garden party where you’ll have to face the fact that your hair might get ruined by the heat. Here are seven struggles that only those with unruly hair will understand. So, if you know of anyone with these traits, please give them a break!

1. Humidity. It’s a big problem.

unruly hair_monica geller

2. Trying to keep your hair away from rain

unruly hair_mean girls

…or any form of precipitation because you know that will not end well. It will not go back to the beautiful state that you achieved when it dries. There goes one painful hour of styling.

3. The constant hair adjusting. And it never goes back the way you want it to.

unruly hair_princess diaries

4. The “Gust-Of-Wind” problem.

unruly hair_wind in face 1

And if you’re wearing lipgloss…

unruly hair_hair stuck on lipgloss

5. The need to style your hair every morning

unruly hair_need sleep

Can’t you get a few extra minutes of sleep?

6. That ONE piece that refuses to fall in with the rest of the hair.

Unruly hair_bangs

See #3 again. Sigh.

7. On bad occasions, you just have to spend money on a hat or a beanie…

unruly hair_beanie

Because you just can’t (deal with what’s happening on your head).

unruly hair_i cant