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How you smell helps you make a statement without saying a word. Choosing the right perfume can accentuate an outfit for an important occasion. If you’re undecided between fragrances, here are some of our recommendations, sorted according to your dressing style. But before you dive into it, here’s a quick breakdown of the three types of notes associated with perfumes

Top Notes

The top notes of a fragrance are the typically the lightest and also the sharpest. They form your first impressions of the perfume and are the quickest to fade, given their light molecular structure. The top note is also sometimes referred to as head notes or opening notes.

Middle Notes

Also known as the heart notes, these scents surface just before the top notes evaporate. It is the essence of the fragrance and has a strong influence on the base notes, which together, give the perfume its character. The middle notes last for a few hours before they fade.

Base Notes

These scents are the ones that cling to your skin for hours. Its main function is to provide a lasting impression and are typically detected between 30 minutes to an hour after the initial spritz.

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1. Flirty & Fun

Whether you play up your girly side with a frilly frock or a pink number, a sweet, fruity scent is one that goes well with your style. Floral notes like peony, or fruity scents like passionfruit and pears can bring out your playful side too.


Try: Repetto L`Envol Blanc by Repetto. It’s a new Floral Fruity fragrance for women that evokes the theme of Swan Lake with its blush pink packaging. Its top notes are mandarin orange and blackberry; middle notes are peony and jasmine sambac; base notes are white musk and ambergris. This retails at SGD50 for a 100ml bottle and is available from August 2016.

2. Beachwear

Sun hats, cute shorts, and breezy dresses. If these sound like what you love to dress up in, a perfume that smells of freedom is perfect for you.


Try: Giorgio Armani Air Di Gioia. This perfume is the latest addition to Armani’s di Gioia collection and is dedicated to the free-spirited and unpredictable woman. It opens with an unexpected waft of sea spray, with a floral heart of lush peony and finishes with a woody-citrus scent. This retails at SGD99 for a 50ml bottle and SGD119 for a 100ml bottle.

3. Modern and Bold

Women who fancy a chic pant-suit or can pull off edgy outfits with leather jackets and studded boots fall right into this category. Pick full floral scents like rose, jasmine and sandalwood to amp up the feisty factor.


Try: Jimmy Choo Illicit Eau De Parfum. This perfume embodies the daring spirit of a woman who aims to live life to the fullest. The perfume opens with ginger and bitter orange, followed by jasmine sambac and rose, laid on the base of sandalwood and honey-amber. It retails from SGD82 to SGD175 and is available from September 2016 onwards.

4. Elegant and Ladylike


If you prefer sophisticated dresses adorned with fur or pearl details, you’ll feel the most polished wearing white floral scents.

Try: Georgia Armani Sun Di Gioia Eau de Parfum. This is a warm, feminine fragrance cradled with a floriental scent which opens with frangipani-ylang-ylang, then warms with iris, and ends with milky shades of vanilla. This retails at SGD99 for a 50ml bottle and SGD119 for a 100ml bottle.

5. Sporty

Cue the sneakers and cropped tops, someone with a sporty sense of style puts comfort first. Complement your style with scents that have green, fruity and citrusy elements.


Try: Comme des Garçons Dot. Just like its name, the Dot fragrance comes in a fun opaque bottle with polka dots. Though inspired by the Osmanthus flower, the scent lies more on the fresh and fruity floral spectrum with tinges of green notes. This retails at SGD206 and is available at Escentials stores.

6. Classic

A classic style is one that withstands the test of trends. Timeless looks are preferred, typically with a wardrobe that consists of mostly neutrals and solids. Go for traditional perfumes with floral elements.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Floral

Try: Burberry Brit Rhythm Floral EDT. This is a zesty floral fragrance with an unexpected twist of citrus from fresh orchard fruits. This retails at SGD158 for 90ml bottle, SGD110 for 50ml, and SGD82 for 30ml.

7. Exotic

Exotic styles typically come in striking, vibrant and even colourful choices of clothing. Your signature scent should be as exotic as your look. Choose one with oriental floral notes and tinges of sweet spices.


Try: Balmain Extatic Tiger Orchid Eau de Parfum. This limited edition fragrance is a more glamorous deviation from the original Extatic and pays homage to one of the most vibrant flowers – the Tiger Orchid. The scent is one with a floriental, woody character. This retails at SGD165 for a 100ml bottle and is available from August 2016 onwards.

8. Androgynous

If oxford shoes, menswear timepieces and fitted blouses are what you typically rock, you could belong to the androgynous category.

Marfa by Memo

Try: Marfa by Memo. This is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance suitable for both men and women. It’s combination of orange blossom, tuberose and sandal wood gives the perfume a soothing balance between musky and floral notes. This retails at SGD315 for a 75ml bottle and is available at Escentials stores.

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