being pretty is a job

Beauty junkies always have to deal with people passing comments like these, “You love makeup ’cause it covers your real face right!” And honestly, it can get quite annoying. SO here are some stereotypes and truths we’ve got about beauty junkies. Hit the like button or share the article if you found some you can totally relate to!

1. Stereotype: We wear makeup ALL. THE. TIME.

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_MirandaSings

2. Truth: Guess what, we’re alright wearing none.

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_BitchI'mFabulous

3. Stereotype: When people see our colossal beauty stash, this is what they think:

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Rich

4. Truth: But actually, this is a better description, especially after shopping…

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Poor

Not that we’re complaining. We love our makeup, but most of us save up for the things we want.

5. Stereotype: We’re vain!

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_vain

You know what? We’re not going to dispute this.

6. Stereotype: We take a looooong time to get ready.


7. Truth: But we can get our makeup done in five minutes if we want/have to.

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_FastMakeup

8. Stereotype: Storage space for our stash? We have tons of them.


9. Truth: Like, under our beds and our siblings’ beds…

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_NoSpace

10. Stereotype: Us at beauty counters

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_BuyFood

Erm… kinda true.

11. Stereotype: We only like high end products

high end products

12. Truth: We love drugstore brands too! But when we splurge, it’s only because…

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Selective

13. Stereotype: Our self-confidence make us think we look perfect all the time.


14. Truth: Honestly, there are those days we feel (and look) like this…

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_INeedHelp

15. Stereotype: Us taking selfies

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Selfie 2

16. Truth: Us taking selfies. Sometimes.

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Selfie

Let us know how many of these can you identify with!