Beauty junkies. We own too many beauty products and we speak a different language. We’re not expecting anyone to understand us, but the below are things only beauty junkies would understand. See how many can you relate to!

1. When you tell your friend you’re getting (yet another) limited edition palette, when you already have more eyeshadow than what you’ll need in a lifetime

Beauty Junkies will Understand_Grin

2. When your friend asks, “Why do you need so many lipsticks when you only have one pair of lips?!”

Beauty Junkies will Understand_Dont care

3. When you go to Sephora…

Beauty Junkies will Understand_proud

4. Regarding always being the last to get ready

Beauty Junkies will Understand_oops

5. When you left your favourite primer in the other bag

Beauty Junkies will Understand_First world Pains

6. When your friend opens your (heavy) makeup pouch to find that half the contents are lipsticks

Beauty Junkies will Understand_young-Johnny

7. Friends asking you to do their makeup. After you do, #NAILEDIT

Beauty Junkies will Understand_nailed it

8. When that friend stubbornly argues that toner is redundant


9. When you managed to get your hands on the last piece of that limited edition blusher
Beauty Junkies will Understand_happy-moves