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Having a solid skincare regimen is good. But skincare products can’t promise immediate and effective results; they take a while to work, because they can’t penetrate too deeply into the skin. This is where aesthetics treatments can help. Prescribed by medically-trained doctors, aesthetics treatments are becoming more and more popular, especially among time-starved professionals. We know that there are quite a number of treatments out there and it may be tough to choose one that’s suitable for yourself. If you’ve been shopping around and haven’t decided which to try, this guide will be very useful for you! We tell you which four non-invasive treatments you can consider. The best part? These have almost no downtime at all!

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1. Gloskin Light Therapy

This new technology uses the power of light and heat to speed up cell turnover. The light and heat work helps to smooth, tighten and tone skin that feels tired and look aged. Visible signs of ageing is eliminated, and at the same time, heat from the treatment opens up pores, so that creams and lotions can be more easily absorbed. Thanks to the advanced technology, this treatment is incredibly gentle, so you’ll feel minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Best for: Fatigued-looking skin that suffers from signs of ageing like fine lines, sagginess, and dullness.

2. Revlite Laser

Revlite Laser is one of the safest laser treatments around, and is sometimes also called a “laser facial”. Using light energy, this treatment gently stimulates natural collagen growth, minimises the look of pores, visibly removes irregular pigmentation and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works by using a gentle laser to pass through the upper layer of skin so that collagen is stimulated. This means that you’ll continue to see gradual improvements to your skin as your body’s natural collagen continue to develop after the treatment, and wrinkles will naturally be filled in.

Best for: Enlarged pores, pigmented skin, and skin plagued with lines and scars. Revlite can be used to treat the face, upper back, arms, underarms, legs, and shins.

3. CO2 Laser

This treatment is gaining popularity and is a great treatment to go for if you’d like to see better skin texture. It uses very short-pulsed light energy to deliver controlled heat in a scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimal heat damage. Because of the controlled depth of penetration and amount of heat delivered, collagen can be stimulated immediately and tissue tightened. This helps to improve texture of skin by treating any “raised” skin from acne scars or birthmarks and moles, and also help reduce the visible size of pores.

Best for: Skin that suffers from acne scars, and skin with fine lines or wrinkles, especially around the eyes, mouth, or on the forehead.

4. Medical Peels

This is what you can go for if you want brighter-looking skin. Using a chemical solution, medical peels give you the results of smoother, clearer, younger-looking skin by “peeling off” the dead skin layers on the surface of your skin. Your skin may feel crusty for a few days, but you’ll see your skin’s metamorphosis after this!

Best for: Dull complexion, reducing the appearance of pigmentation, and treat wrinkles caused by ageing and sun damage.

Can’t decide which to go for? Why not try everything?
prive vitale clinic 2

If you can’t make up your mind about the treatments, why not enjoy an aesthetics treatment buffet with Privé Vitale Clinic? Helmed by the very experienced Dr. Karen Soh,Privé Vitale Clinic offers quick, effective, and affordable treatments for the busy individual. The fuss-free treatments you can enjoy include the above-mentioned, and also popular treatments like the Botulinum Toxin A and facial fillers.

It has launched a new programme, The Vitale Skin Buffet, where you get to have your (beauty) fill, with an “appetiser”, “main course” and “dessert”.

prive vitale clinic 1

The appetiser involves the preparation of your skin for the treatment, where your makeup is gently removed with medical-grade wipes. For the main course, you can pick any one of the four above-mentioned treatments. Then sweeten the experience by snagging either the Privé Skinworks Hydro Complex, a lightweight daily moisturiser that supports skin’s collagen function, or the Privé Skinworks Ultra Lightweight Total Block, a new sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Prices of the credits are as follows:

10 Credits: SGD750
20 Credits +2 Credits: SGD1,500
30 Credits +4 Credits + 5 pieces of Post Laser Mask: SGD2,250
50 Credits +10 Credits + 15 pcs Post Laser Mask: SGD3,750
100 Credits +28 Credits + 35 pcs Post Laser Mask: SGD7,500.00, and you can share the credits with your friends and loved ones

Visit the Privé Vitale Clinic website for more information.

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