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Something tells us that you probably have seen the brand APRILSKIN being talked about only very recently. You may even have seen their videos on social media, showcasing the coverage of the APRILSKIN BB cushions. Who are they? Where are they from? What products do they carry? Are they a reliable brand? We’re here to tell you all the answers.

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Yes, it’s spelt with all capital letters. You may have guessed it before, but APRILSKIN are a brand of cosmetics from Korea. They launched in Korea in 2014, and have been spending these past few years building up their popularity in their country.

Now that they have become something of a cult favourite in Korea, they’re starting to expand to other markets, which is why you’ve only started hearing about them recently.

APRILSKIN aims to use natural nutrients that are made during photosynthesis in plants, and combine them with natural minerals in order to create a holistic way of improving and enhancing skincare.

They claim to avoid using ingredients in their products that commonly cause irritation, and that their naturally-sourced cosmetics will not only help you to look good on the outside, but also improve your skin condition from the inside.

APRILSKIN products you should know

1. Signature Soap

The very first product that APRILSKIN launched with was the Magic Stone, which was renamed the Signature Soap, which has sold over 2 million units to date.

Signature Soap comes in two different forms: Black and Original. It is recommended to use Signature Soap Black in the morning, as it does a better job removing impurities and soothing the skin, so that your skin looks better for the rest of the day and your makeup can go on smoother too.

Signature Soap Black

Signature Soap Original is recommended for night use, as it deep cleanses your skin and pores to thoroughly remove all makeup and facial sebum accumulated in the day. They recommend that you leave on the suds on your face for 30 seconds to really let the ingredients work on your skin before rinsing it off. It’s like a mini-facial every night!

Signature Soap Original

Refinery29, an American lifestyle magazine, was greatly impressed by the Signature Soap, calling it “legit magic”. It’s also gotten 4-star rating on Amazon, out of 83 reviews.

2. Magic Snow Cushion

This is the star of the videos that you may have seen around social media. Magic Snow Cushion was launched in September 2015, and was immediately sold out five times over! At the end of 2016, Magic Snow Cushion released a second version. The Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 with a sleeker packaging, different font, the mochi-cushion technology and, as far as reviews go, no difference in the quality of this star product which has received so much raves since it was first launched.

Magic Snow Cushion (original)

Boasting a 45% water-based formula, Magic Snow Cushion is said to provide moisturising benefits without compromising on the level of coverage that it can achieve. The foundation is stored in a mochi cushion, which they say is more hygienic than regular sponges.

The design will deliver only the right amount of foundation with each press, so you don’t get stuck with too much product on your face, and don’t waste product unnecessarily too.

Magic Snow Cushion 2.0

Reviewers have testified to the high coverage of this product, its brightening effect on the face and its lasting power. One of them also noted that the APRILSKIN shades have a pink undertone, so for those who usually use warmer tones for their skin, it may turn out looking ashy. It dries off to a dewy finish, but not too oily.

3. Turn Up Color Treatment

If getting a new hair colour is too much commitment for you, then this latest product from APRILSKIN is probably what you’re looking for. The APRILSKIN Turn Up Color Treatment lasts for only two weeks, and contains jojoba oil and 20 other herbs that help treat and condition your hair so it doesn’t damage despite the treatment.

The colours obviously wouldn’t be as vivid as if you had bleached your hair in a salon, but the vibrant and trendy shades make it a great alternative to try, especially if you’re still on the fence about a certain colour.

It is available in five shades: pink, peach pink, orange, red, and green blue.

Where can I see APRILSKIN in action?

If you’re not convinced by their prolific advertisements on social media, Australian make-up artist and beauty YouTuber Tina Yong used mostly APRILSKIN products to create a whole-face Korean make-up look. Check it out here!


I’m sold. Where do I buy APRILSKIN?

Unfortunately, APRILSKIN doesn’t have a physical store in Singapore yet, but their products are readily available on several online stores in Singapore:

However, we recommend that you double-check the authenticity of the seller when shopping for APRILSKIN. They are so popular that they have already inspired lines of imitation goods!

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