My brother, Leslie, earned his first medal of achievement when he was six, at an art competition. He did a piece, where he interpreted the theme “Festival” a drawing of a lion dance performance.

With my influence (and maybe my mother’s), he is also one of the men that I know that have a decent skincare regime. He also knows the difference between a lipstick and a lip gloss, a BB cream and a liquid foundation.

Let’s see how he fare as makeup artist now.

Makeup tip #1: The more the merrier

We’re talking about eyeshadow, of course. This avant-garde look is a blend of made up of three colours – brown, pink and turquoise, all using a YSL eyeshadow palette.

brother does my makeup 1

See how it makes your eyes look more alluring? It reminds me of Paddle Pop ice-cream, actually!

brother does my makeup 2

Makeup tip #2: Suck in cheeks to see where to put blusher

After rehearsing by pretending to put the blusher on himself, and trying to visualise how it’s supposed to work, Leslie asked me to suck in my cheeks. Then he popped the blusher along where it’s depressed.

Now, I’m depressed.

brother does my makeup 3

He used Benefit’s Hervana and advised that you should brush it generously for at least five times, in a back and forth motion.

Makeup tip #3: Get your client to close her eyes while you apply the eyeliner

It’s safer.

brother does my makeup 7

After which, apply brow powder along the brows with a brush. Dark and long brows frame the face and are also the most stylish look this season. Don’t forget mascara.

Makeup tip #4: Apply red lipstick randomly.

brother does my makeup 6

Put a bit below the cupid’s bow. Side of lower lip next. A bit on the top lip. Actually, just go with your mood.

And then… you’re done!

brother does my makeup 4

male makeup artist

Disclaimer: Trust these tips at your own risk. Daily Vanity is not responsible for any makeup disaster. Anyway, it’s April’s Fool’s Day and we just want to make you laugh at Kristen Juliet :)