Corgi Dog Paw Brush Banila Co

Korean brand Banila Co. has won us over with the launch of their limited edition Mung-Moong’s Paw Brush, a makeup brush shaped exactly like a corgi’s paw.

Banila Co Corgi Dog Paw brush 1



Banila Co Corgi Dog Paw Brush

Banila Co Corgi Dog Paw Brush 2

Banila Co Corgi Dog Paw Brush

More than just a cute novelty, the brand says that the shape of the brush is designed to fit our facial contours better, so that you can use it as a multi-purpose brush to apply blush, bronzer, and foundation more precisely.

Banila Co Corgi Dog Paw Brush 3

And if you want extra reason to get your hands on this tool, consider using it to perfectly imprint the shape of a dog’s paw. Too cute!

Banila Co Corgi Dog Tail Brush 2

Banila Co Corgi Dog Tail Brush 3

The collection also includes the Mung-Moong’s Tail Brush, that reminds us of the tiny tuft of tail on certain breeds of corgi. This brush, which has a diameter of 1.2cm on its surface, is designed for eyeshadow application and for correcting hair line.

Banila Co Corgi Dog Tail Brush 4

Unfortunately, Banila Co. does not have any retail store in Singapore (although you can find a selection of their products, including their iconic Clean It Zero, at Changi Airport). The nearest Banila Co. retail store to us is in Malaysia, and you can find its presence easily in South Korea.

We thought you might like other cute things, like marble-themed eyeshadows encased in macaron-inspired packaging! Watch this video and find out how to win them:

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