We’re back for the next instalment of our Beauty Bargain series! Today, we’re going to feature NYX Cosmetics. NYX is slightly more expensive than Essence Cosmetics. The brand is known as a drugstore brand in the states. In Singapore, the prices of the products are surprisingly not that bad either. Here are six must-try NYX products that we love!


1. NYX Megashine Lipgloss

NYX Cosmetics_nyx-mega-shine-lipgloss


NYX Cosmetics_NYX Beige


The most highly raved about lipgloss from this line is called “Beige”. It’s the perfect pink lipgloss that looks pretty with any lipstick underneath or even on its own. The best thing about this lipgloss is that it’s not sticky. It doesn’t easily get stuck on your hair (How annoying is that!) and it doesn’t leave your lips feeling ‘gloopy’ after application. It smells pretty good too, but try not to take too close of a whiff, because it does smell like cough syrup. However, it’s great to use on top of a lipstick that doesn’t smell too pleasant!

The lipgloss also comes in other shades as well and retails for around SGD 10-12.

2. NYX Round Lipstick in 628 Tea Rose

NYX Cosmetics_NYX Round Lipstick


NYX’s Round Lipstick is one of the best lipsticks you can find on a budget. It has such pretty and pigmented colours and it only costs SGD 9! We would HIGHLY recommend you swatch the colour 628 Tea Rose.

NYX Cosmetics_Tea Rose


It is the perfect pink-mauve colour that is so versatile for every day wear and when you’re sporting a smokey eye. It looks great when you apply the NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Beige over it too. Bear in mind that these lipsticks do not claim to be long lasting so you might have to reapply after having a meal or a drink!

3. NYX Wonder Pencil (Nude)

Everyone wants to look awake, even when they’ve only had three hours of sleep the night before. A way for you to do that is to apply a white-coloured eyeliner to your waterline to give the illusion of bigger eyes and of course, to make you look awake. However, for us Asian gals with yellow undertones, using a white pencil liner can look really weird- like we’re over-doing it. Try a nude eyeliner instead.

NYX Cosmetics_NYX Wonder Pencil

NYX’s Wonder Pencil in Nude is a good one to put in the waterline. It’s affordable (SGD 12), it does the job and you’ll have bigger looking eyes and let people believe that you had a good beauty sleep the night before. It’s available in three shades of nude to choose from to suit your skin tone.

4. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

NYX Cosmetics_NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Just a disclaimer, you CANNOT wear this eyeshadow pencil on its own because it will definitely crease. This eyeshadow pencil works best as a base for your powder eyeshadow. It makes the colour of your powder eyeshadow more vibrant. Because the jumbo eye pencil applies as a cream shadow formula, it gives your powder eyeshadow something to stick on to, hence making it appear more vibrant. The NYX Jumbo eye pencil comes in an array of colours and they only cost around SGD 10-12.

5. NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Cosmetics_NYX-Butter-Gloss-packaging


A girl can never have too many lip glosses. This lip gloss is slightly different from the Megashine Lipgloss. It’s slightly stickier and thicker in consistency as compared to the Megashine Lipgloss, but give this a try anyway. At SGD 10, you honestly can just wear this butter gloss on its own. And IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It smells like vanilla… Or butter biscuits. It’s very pigmented for a lipgloss and they come in shades ranging from nudes to deeper colours as well. They’re also quite moisturising.

6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Another lip product. #sorrynotsorry.

The soft matte lip creams are basically liquid lipsticks. They come in a lip gloss type packaging, but when you apply it on your lips, it dries pretty quickly, and it dries matte. If you have dry lips, apply some lip balm before you put this product on. The pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks are insane. For the price you pay of SGD 10, you get really good pigmentation and wear out of the soft matte lip creams.

NYX Cosmetics_Soft Matte Lip cream


Once you apply it on, it dries and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. Unless you have a meal or a drink, then you can do a touch up, if not, it’s pretty much going to stay on your lips. It also doesn’t accentuate the dryness of your lips IF you moisturise them properly. It’s such an amazing and affordable product that you should definitely try!

7. NYX Lip Lingerie

This weightless liquid lipstick gives a plush matte finish in stunning nude shades that look as though you aren’t wearing anything on the lips, making it perfect for a no-makeup makeup look. This lippie is also enriched with vitamin E to help your lips look and feel ultra-soft, just as how lingerie should be.

It will set you back just SGD 20 for something so comfortable and beautiful – what a steal!Nyx Lip Lingerie

NYX Cosmetics Products are available at all NYX and Sephora stores.


Share with us what are your favourite NYX products if you have tried any!


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