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Just last month, Benefit Cosmetics kicked off their Bold Is Beautiful project, a charity initiative launched in five countries, including Singapore. In this project, all proceeds from Benefit brow services that happened in May will go towards helping girls and women supported by Girls2Pioneers and Aidha. Since 2015, the Bold Is Beautiful project have raised more than USD4.4 million in total, globally, at the point of publication.


While the campaign is over, there are a number of beauty brands that have launched their charity initiatives in June. Check out these brands with a heart and find out how you can play a part:

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Save the planet with a hankie from innisfree

When was the last time you’ve used a handkerchief? For some of us, maybe when we were very young, but for many of us, probably never. One of the obstacles that stop us from using a hankie may be that it doesn’t look chic – at least we haven’t seen any cool ones around. innisfree is launching its seventh annual Eco-Handkerchief Campaign, and this year, it has launched limited edition designs inspired by Jeju Haenyeo (women divers of the Jeju sea). The designs aren’t just beautiful but pay tribute to these women divers who harvest various shellfish and seaweed by hand without any breathing equipment – a way of harvesting that’s recognised as eco-friendly because it doesn’t harm sea nature or gather excessive natural resources.

innisfree handkerchief

If you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful handkerchiefs – which you can start using as your way to contribute to eco-consciousness or even to create awareness when people see you with one – visit any innisfree store and you’ll get one for free with any SGD30 purchase, in the month of June. These handkerchiefs are also of the perfect size to work as a scarf around your hair or bag, or as a bento box carrier.

Support children with autism with Kiehl’s


Kiehl’s has a tradition of supporting children’s causes, and this month, collaborating with award-winning illustrator Tan Zi Xi (MessyMsxi), Kiehl’s has launched limited edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (SGD45) that features her works on it. 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of this masque will go to Autism Association (Singapore) for the upgrading of the centres, teaching materials, staff training and development, as well as sponsorship of needy families.

Cut down pollution with Laneige

Laneige has embarked on a “Refill Me” campaign to encourage everyone to cut down on pollution from plastic waste by drinking water from refillable water bottles. Partnering with Waterways Watch Society, a local independent volunteer group in SIngapore that wants to inspire stewardship for our environment, Laneige’s campaign contributes towards supporting projects related to drinking water, health and sanitation.

Bottle Group

From now till 30 June, you can purchase a limited edition “Refill Me Bottle” for SGD8, with any purchase at any Laneige boutiques or counters. SGD2 from the sales of each bottle will be donated to help Waterways Watch Society expand their educational programmes at Punggol Waterways and develop sustainable programmes to benefit the future generations. Laneige will be donating up to SGD12,000 from the campaign.

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