Based on a Cosmetics and Personal Care Report conducted this year, revenue in the beauty and personal care category in Singapore is expected to amount to US$1.13 billion in 2022, a huge leap from the projected US$1,056 million back in 2019.

What’s more, the market is expected to grow annually by 2.94%, which points to limitless potential in the beauty and personal care sphere. It’s a prime time for beauty brands and marketers to thrive, especially with the help of our Marketing Intelligence Report Software.

Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report 2022: How we conducted our survey

dvcs 2022 how we conducted survey

To understand beauty consumers in Singapore better, Daily Vanity has been conducting a large-scale beauty industry consumer market survey annually – this being the eighth year we’ve run this study. We are also the official data partner for Statista, the Global No.1 Business Data Platform used by many marketers and business leaders around the world.

Over S$200,000 was poured into advertising, data collection, cleaning, crunching, and software development to help consolidate information that’s highly sought after by many marketers, country managers, business owners, and researchers around the world who seek to understand the beauty landscape in Singapore better.

We recruited participants primarily via Facebook and Instagram ads and asked them to take a 20 to 30-minute online survey in March 2022.

A total of 1,077 participants who are based in Singapore took part in this research. The female sample size of 1,013 provides a 95% confidence interval for Singapore’s female population of 2,033,728, with a 3% margin of error.

This means that should the survey be repeated 100 times, it will yield the same results 95 times with a +/-3% to the responses. It also indicates that the survey results are highly significant, and can be taken as a good indication of the overall market sentiments.

This is possibly one of the largest studies that deep-dives into the consumer behaviour in the beauty market in Singapore and provides an insight to what really affects beauty consumers’ purchasing decisions.

The good news is that you can access our report for free. Read till the end of the article to find out how you can receive a copy.

Who will find our Marketing Intelligence Reporting Software useful

dvcs 2022 who will find it useful


If you market skincare or makeup products, you’ll probably want to know which were the most used and purchased products over the past year, which is where our Marketing Intelligence Reporting Software steps in.

Whether you’re a marketer with Profit & Loss (P&L) responsibilities or a planner who seeks to achieve maximum advertising ROI, our software will work in your favour too.

Distributors, business owners, and brand owners who want to bring new, exciting, and profitable brands into Singapore can also utilise the software to find out how they can better position their brands and products so that they relate well to their target audience.

Our software also provides excellent insight for media and PR agency consultants looking to advise their clients better and come up with an airtight strategic plan.

Of course, the software doesn’t just benefit those in the industry, but also students who are currently conducting research for their final year projects.

How other marketers are using Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report

Over 200 users in Singapore are already using our Marketing Intelligence Reporting Software to aid their marketing planning and reporting.

Whether marketers are using our data to reconcile sales and marketing performance or using it to find out where their brand and top competitors are positioned in the Trust and Usage ranking list, the information has largely been helpful to them.

By referring to our in-depth report, they’re able to discover new insights about consumers in Singapore, identify blind spots that were previously overlooked, and debunk any misconceptions they may have had about consumer pain points or product preferences.

Distributors are able to see which brands people wish were here in Singapore, which gives them that extra push to enter the local market.

Insights that can be discovered from our Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report

Which beauty brands do consumers in Singapore trust most?

dvcs 2022 trusted brands


When it comes to skincare brands, consumers in Singapore have a preference for Korean brands, such as Laneige and Innisfree, which take up the first two spots in the Most Trusted Skincare Brands Ranking in the Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report 2022. This shows us that the popularity of K-beauty has maintained over recent years.

Meanwhile, Kiehl’s takes the third spot, Cetaphil occupies the fourth, and Clinique is ranked fifth.

Among haircare brands, L’Oreal Paris remains a top trusted haircare brand in 2022, while L’Oreal Professional takes the second spot. In the world of makeup, K-beauty brand Innisfree has become the most trusted makeup brand this year after ranking fourth in 2021. Chanel also showed significant improvement in gaining consumer trust, jumping from the ninth position in 2021 to the third position in 2022.

In our free subscription, you’ll be able to view the top 10 brands for skincare, makeup, as well as haircare brands in Singapore. The data is also further broken down to show you the Korean, Japanese, and drugstore brands that are most trusted by consumers in Singapore. In our paid subscription, you’ll be able to view a more extensive, broken-down version.

What are the top beauty concerns?

dvcs 2022 skin concerns


If you market skincare, makeup, haircare products, and even aesthetic services, you probably want to know what are the most common beauty concerns women in Singapore have. This understanding helps you to craft a more relatable marketing message that addresses the pain point of consumers.

By using our software, we discovered that damaged/dry hair (43.27%) ranked sixth among the top beauty concerns. This concern is followed by frizzy hair (37.51%) and sensitive skin 399 (37.05%).

In the free subscription, you’ll be able to view the top beauty concerns ranked from six to 10. In the paid subscription, however, you’ll be able to access all rankings and find the breakdown of these data according to age group. This can be particularly interesting because there could be a stark difference in the beauty concerns of women in different age groups.

In our paid subscription, you’ll also be able to see the full ranking of skincare, makeup, haircare, and bodycare concerns indicated by respondents, which will be useful for market sizing for your products if they address specific beauty concerns.

What influences the purchasing decisions of consumers in Singapore?

dvcs 2022 who influences


When it comes to deciding where to put your marketing budget, having an insight into which platforms and channels consumers in Singapore trust most can help you make a wiser decision.

Are key opinion leaders (KOLs, also known as influencers) still considered a good marketing outreach channel for brands? Do consumers still trust and value KOLs for beauty recommendations? Who are the top beauty KOLs in Singapore in 2022?

And what about word-of-mouth recommendations and product recommendations by experts such as dermatologists? Discover the answers to these questions in our paid subscription.

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