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Beautiful packaging, pretty, glossy colours and velvety smooth textures. With the sheer range of brands and products available for any budget, what’s not to love about beauty products? Meet one of the three beauty connoisseurs we’ve spoken to, who have turned their passions for pretty little things on their vanity tables into impressive collections. Get ready to go wow.


Silverkis, The Eyeshadow Palette Junkie

Fulltime working Mum and part-time beauty blogger


Daily Vanity (DV): How did you get started on it? What attracted you to collect eyeshadow palettes, in particular?

Silverkis (SK): I love colour! The very first piece of makeup I bought as a teenager was a pink eyeshadow that I doubled up as a blush! When you are young with great skin, foundations aren’t the very first thing you think of spending on, especially when eyeshadows tend to be cheaper! And as I grow up, I find myself gravitating towards eyeshadow palettes… they’re usually the first item I examine when approaching a new brand. I find the range of colours that a brand offer, the kind of colour story they present, tells me a lot about the brand.

Linda_Eyeshadow collection - cropped

A part of Linda’s eyeshadow palette collection.

DV: Are there particular brands you look out for, either online or in local boutiques or retailers?

SK: I’m always looking for something new to try! New colour combinations, new textures, new brands. Some of my current favorite brands are Charlotte Tilbury, SUQQU, Tom Ford and Guerlain.

DV: What do your friends think of your interest and collection?

SK: Depends on who you ask! My Instagram family of mutual makeup addicts probably understand and are major enablers in fueling my collection. But of course, there are some people who will ask about what I do with so many palettes ;)

DV: Would you describe yourself as an adventurous beauty junkie, or would you prefer to go with what works for you usually?

SK: Definitely adventurous!

DV: Which are some of your personal favourites, and why?

SK: I love most of the palettes that are currently in my collection… they’re like my babies. I’m not much of a hoarder, so I’m constantly culling my stash and whatever is still here have earned their spots. I love all my SUQQU palettes, especially the two from Holiday 2013 because the colours and textures are just sublime.

Silverkis Tom Ford palette

Tom Ford eye colour quads are special, according to Linda, because of their glitter.

The Tom Ford eye colour quads are special because of their glitter. I only have one Charlotte Tilbury right now, but it’s definitely a personal fave. The Guerlain Liu Calligraphy Eye & Lip palette is very special to me because I bought it the Christmas after my son was born. But the most special piece in my collection is the Coromandels de Chanel eye and cheek palette from Fall 2005. I wished I had a bit more spare cash back then and was a more discerning collector, so I could have either bought a spare or been more careful with my usage. But it is a beauty and I’m so glad to have it in my collection!

DV: Could you give our readers 2-3 tips on choosing eyeshadow palettes as there are just so many options out there?


  • Go for quality over quantity. Most of the mega palettes out there contain mostly pale highlighter shades or a bunch of dark liner shades that you are unlikely to use. For beginners, this can sometimes be confusing – which shades do you pair with which? If you are only going to end up using 1-2 shades in the palette, then you’re better off getting singles.
  • Try to get a good variety of shades and textures in the same palette – a flattering all-over shade, a complementary deepening shade, and some glitter/shimmer. This will see you through a range of activities, both day and night.
  • Do try the colours on your lids before deciding. Don’t be afraid to ask the beauty advisor to show you how to use the palette before purchasing! Nudes or neutrals don’t guarantee a palette will look good on you. And don’t be afraid of some color!

All photos provided by Silverkis or from Silverkis’ Instagram.

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