While we always do articles about beauty junkies, their antics and first world problems, we forget the ones who have to deal with their beauty obsession – their significant others. Here are 10 things only a beauty junkie’s boyfriend would understand! Let us know if your boyfriends could resonate to these!

1. “She always needs to go to Sephora, and I don’t know why”

Just to clarify, it isn’t just Sephora.

beauty junkie boyfriend_dont understand


2. “Oh well, I’ll just let her go and run along into Sephora”

He’s learnt within three months of dating us.

beauty junkie boyfriend_you go girl


3. “I’ll just lead her to Sephora or the beauty section of a store without her asking”

Because he knows! 1000 points to The Boyfriend!

beauty junkie boyfriend_come with me


4. “Waiting outside the store while she takes her long romantic walks down the makeup aisles”

We’ll be back in “ten minutes”!

beauty junkie boyfriend_patiently waiting

5. “Always having a gadget at hand to entertain me while #4”

And a ton of gaming apps downloaded when he had access to Wi-Fi.

beauty junkie boyfriend_play with phone


6. “Pep talks won’t stop her from spending a lot of money on beauty products”

Yeah boy, nice try.

beauty junkie boyfriend_i tried


7. “Wow! So… like painting a wall, a woman’s foundation also needs a primer.”

See, we taught you something.

beauty junkie boyfriend_yup i know thatbeauty junkie boyfriend_yup i know that


8. “Everybody needs to wear SPF 50 PA ++++ every day – even men.”

Good boy!

beauty junkie boyfriend_safety-is-sexy


9. “Never tell her that the two shades of pink look the same. They aren’t.”

That one time he got it wrong… he learnt a memorable lesson.

beauty junkie boyfriend_oops


10. “She doesn’t wear makeup to impress me or other people”

We wear makeup because we love it, we want to look good, and it makes us happy.

beauty junkie boyfriend_want you to be happy