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Apart from sushi, what is something that you will associate Japan to? Hands down, it will definitely be beauty products! From affordable facials masks to up-market serums, it is no surprise that even the school girls there can look so kawaii. Here are seven products that are worth splurging on when you’re in Japan, and guess what, most of them can be found at any drugstore in Japan!

1. Paul and Joe Beaute

Are you absolutely obsessed with cats? Do you happen to have a liking towards vintage items? If you say yes to either question, you are bound to be totally charmed by products from Paul and Joe Beaute, and especially their lipsticks!

This brand is known to cater to cat-lovers as their lipsticks feature cat and vintage wallpaper-like prints in every seasonal collection. In 2015, their Cafe Parisan Range took Japan by storm as you get to mix and match their favourite lipstick colour with an interchangeable lipstick cover of your choice. 


By making use of Kintaro-ame, a Japanese candy-making technique, their lipsticks are separated into two tubes (columnar and an innermost cylinder shaped like a feline’s face). The best part is that the feline cat remains visible even when the lipstick is used up. Once it’s used up, simply purchase the refills, which are packed individually with a plastic lid on top. Snap the refill into the columnar tube and viola, good as new!

Apart from its elaborate packaging, the formula is known to be smooth and incredibly moisturising. With ingredients like cocoa seed butter and white lily extract, it helps to prevent irritation, a tune that people with sensitive skin would like to hear.

Did you know?

Paul and Joe Beaute’s lipstick creates a very subtle gradient effect upon applying? However, you have to refrain from rubbing your lips together for the gradient effect to work well.

Where to get it?

You can get your hands on this collection in several prefectures in Japan. Head on over to their website to find out more. Psst, the Paul & Joe 2017 spring makeup collection looks super adorable too – cat-lovers will definitely want to get their hands on this one.

Paul and Joe Beaute

Website: http://www.paul-joe-beaute.com/en/#/shop_japan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PaulJoeBeaute.JP

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulandjoe_beaute/

2. LuLuLun Balance Moisture Masks


This serum-soaked masks are meant to be used every single night. That’s right, use it every single night! With its cute packaging and effective formula, LuLuLun has earned a strong rep for being one of the top-selling facial masks in Japan. As the number one bestselling mask contender, its level of moisture is certainly worth commending. Many users gave the thumbs up for its fit on the face, especially around sensitive area, such as the eyes and nose.

LuLuLun masks come in three different packages that serve different purposes (hydrating, daily moisture, whitening). The one on daily moisture has got everyone raving about as its newly improved formula keeps your skin smooth and supple all year round. They also released a Precious series, targeted at mature woman from the age of 40 to combat the signs of ageing.

Where to get it?

LuLuLun masks can be found in any drugstore in Japan.

Website: http://www.imomoko.com/brands/lululun.html

3. Les Merveilleuses by LADUREE

Nope, we’re not talking about their famous macarons but their cosmetic line. Yes, LADUREE has teamed up with the same people behind Paul and Joe Beaute, Anna Sui and Jill Stuart Beauty to create their very own makeup line! Named after the “Goddess of Liberty”, Les Merveilleuses is a collection that blows people away with their eye-popping packaging and intricate details.

Face Colour Rose LADUREE


If there’s one product you have to get, it has to be this blusher. Many Instagram users are going gaga over this and it’s not hard to understand why. Individual petals are positioned and shaped into a large flower petal in the pod, which forms the blusher formula. Simply use a brush to swipe across these petals gently to pick up the product, and you can go ahead to apply this pigmented blusher on your cheeks.

This product is worth every penny as many users have commented that the colour holds up nicely in high humidity, without any sign of fading. Sounds great for the weather in Singapore, huh?

Where to get it?

LADUREE has many outlets across Japan, especially in Tokyo. Click here to find out the location of their outlets.

Website: http://www.lm-laduree.com/en/

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