7 products to die for that you should buy when you’re in Japan. #7 will make you feel nostalgic!

4. Quality First All-In-One-Sheet masks


Selected as the best facial sheet mask by @cosme, a huge cosmetic review site in Japan in 2015, Quality First is immensely popular in Japan. This all-in-one facial sheet mask contains 35 types of beauty serum, which is bound to make your skin feel deeply hydrated. As the name suggests, it is a an all-in-one mask, which means that you don’t even have to apply moisturiser on your skin after applying it.

The Japanese love it for its affordability; each pack contains 50 sheets at an inexpensive price. However, note that being fairly thin, there is a tendency to dry out on your face if it were left for too long, so falling asleep with the mask on is definitely not the best idea.

Where to find it?

There are several outlets that you can purchase these masks. You can refer to here to see the locations.




5. Jill Stuart

Ladies, if you are a sucker for packaging that’s fit for royalty, then this brand is definitely for you. The most raved-about product in Japan is the Jill Stuart blush compact. Fans love that the brush is delicately connected to the palette. This means re-application can be easily done on-the-go! As the colour ranges are not too pigmented, it is very suitable for people with fair skin. 

Where can you get it?

You can get your hands on this compact blush in many prefectures in Japan. This product is widely sold in many outlets in Tokyo. Click here to find an outlet of your choice.

Website: http://www.jillstuart-beauty.com/en-jp/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jillstuartbeauty

6. Chojyu


Why consume collagen when you can apply it directly onto your face? Chojyu Collagen Source Solution Ball does just that! In the shape of a cotton ball, the product is filled with collagen concentrate that you can rub onto your skin, after wetting it with toner. This product has got its fair share of obsessive fans, because it’s easy to apply and leaves your skin supple and well-hydrated.

Where to get it?

Walk into any drugstore and you would most likely be able to find this product on its shelf.

Website: http://www.chojyu.com/



7. Miracle Romance


Characters in the Japanese animation, Sailor Moon may have been part of your childhood. The magical wand and gadgets that we yearned to have when we were little have turned into a reality – sort of.

You can now own the Crescent Moon Wand featured in the Japanese animation. The Moon Stick Lipstick is a lip balm that contains Jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, collagen and vitamin E. Carrying a peachy scent, this colourless lip balm will do its job to hydrate your lips.


The Sailor Moon Prism Compact Makeup Powder is another product that is highly popular among fans. With the iconic crescent moonlight in the background, this compact powder will make you relive your childhood memories just by looking at it.

Intricate details can also be seen on the inside, as the protection inlay has a design that replicates the iconic brooch. As the powder is slightly shimmery, it can double us as a highlighter or finishing powder.

Where to get it?

Get your hands on these products in any drugstore in Japan. Book your flight and hotels with the best deals available already!


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