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Did you know what’s the product that made Benefit Cosmetics so famous?

It’s Benetint, a lip & cheek stain that gives a subtle, natural-looking glow to lips and cheeks. (Psst, did you know that this was originally made in 1977 as a stain to help a stripper make her nipples look more pink?)

Benefit Lovetint Other Lip Stains

Benefit Lovetint Other Stains 2

The iconic product has since expanded – and as Benefit fans would know, the brand launched Posietint in 2008, Chachatint in 2011, and Gogotint in 2018. Each in a different shade to help you achieve different looks and flatters a range of skin tones.

After all these years, Benefit announces a revamp for their lip & cheek stain line. Now, these products will come in a new slimline bottle (from 10ml to 6ml), which they say works better for on-the-go application.

But don’t worry – the new size comes with a new price. These stains used to cost SGD54 each but now they’ll only set you back by SGD31 each! We’re not complaining!

Besides the new exterior, Benefit has also changed the brush applicator to a doe-foot applicator that’s more lip-friendly.

And in case you’re having anxiety about your favourite product changing, they will still have the same formulas that you love.

Benefit Love Tint

Benefit Lovetint Swatch

Here’s more good news; with the announcement of the revamp, Benefit has also added one more tint to the family. Lovetint is a new fiery-red lip & cheek stain that will join the range of Benefit’s lip & cheek stains.

Benefit Cosmetics Lovetint will retail at SGD31 from now, and available at all Benefit Cosmetics counters and Sephora.

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