No matter how consistent you are with your skincare routine, a facial treatment is always the much-needed booster that can quickly amp up the condition of your complexion. What’s more, facial treatments are pampering (who can say no to shoulder or face massages, and an indulgent facial mask?)

But you don’t have to break the bank to schedule a relaxing facial treatment session. We’ve got your backs! Check out these five best facial deals you’re going to be able to find in October that we’ve curated. We’ve found something for every skin concern, and they’re all from reputable facial studios (we’ve visited most of them ourselves!) that promise to deliver results.

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1. For dull-looking skin with pigmentation

Best Facial Deals Renaza

While you’re not suffering from breakouts or seeing wrinkles, you know that your skin is not in tip-top condition. People often ask if you’re feeling stressed or didn’t sleep well – well, you have, but you know fatigue is showing in your complexion. If this sounds like you, what you need is a facial treatment that brightens up your skin.

The Illuminating Glow Facial by Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab is exactly the facial treatment you’re looking for. This uses a medical grade LED device and a gentle peel to energise your skin. The treatment is also great for visibly lightening pigmentation, inhibiting the manifestation of melanin, and even improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Pamper yourself as the therapist also does a relaxing lymphatic drainage facial massage and shoulder massage on you.

This effective treatment is usually available at SGD250, but this October, you can enjoy it at just SGD58 (more than 70% off!) when you redeem the facial deal. Psst, this is the best facial deal we’ve seen in a while!

2. For acne-prone skin and congested pores

Best Facial Deal Meroskin

Clogged pores and inflamed skin are a pain – yes, sometimes literally. And it puts us on an annoying dilemma when we wish to use copious amount of makeup to hide blemishes, but are worried about aggravating the condition.

Well, instead of trying to squeeze your zits (no, no, no!) or drying it your skin with too much pimple cream, we’d say the best way to resolve the problem is to visit a professional.

If you’re looking for a facial treatment that will de-congest your pores and calm your acne-prone skin, look no further than the Acne Purifying Balance Facial by Meroskin.

Using tried-and-true methods, the therapists at Meroskin are experts at dealing with acne-prone skin. Mild extraction is part of the deal, but don’t worry – the therapists know exactly how to do it without hurting your as much as possible, while making sure they get all the gunk out.

This 90-minute facial treatment is usually available at SGD108 but is going for SGD48 this month. We urge you to redeem the facial deal now – you won’t find be able to find another similarly good treatment (for 90 minutes!) at such a price.

3. For sensitive skin

October Salon Finder Deals Sothys

Many facial salons turn away customers with sensitive skin because most facial treatments that actually work are too harsh on delicate skin.

If you have sensitive skin, we’re sure you’re already tired of trying out facial treatments that either don’t work well or simply break you out afterwards.

Good news: SOTHYS Premium Salon has a treatment specially targeted at fragile skin that suffers from permanent redness! The Clarte & Confort Treatment even helps to strengthen the capillary walls and reduce redness on your face, so that even the most sensitive of skin can look beautiful and healthy.

Curious about it? The facial treatment is available at just SGD120 here.

4. For dry, flaky skin

Massage Of Face For Woman In Spa Salon

If we have to vote for the most pesky skin condition, it’ll go to dry, flaky skin. It doesn’t just look bad, there’s no way we can hide it properly with makeup – in fact, makeup only accentuates those patches! It’s also incredibly hard to treat because moisturisers don’t always help resolve the issue.

But you know what might do the trick? An intensely hydrating facial treatment.

If you want to put the moisture back to parched skin, consider the HydraBoost Collagen Facial by Spa Infinity. This treatment is designed specifically for dehydrated and dry skin, and can help remove skin impurities all while easing out the nasty dry and flaky spots.

The facial treatment is usually available at SGD139.10, but redeem the facial deal right now to enjoy an amazing SGD48 facial. Best part? This offer doesn’t include the effective facial treatment – you’ll also get unlimited access to all spa facilities at this luxury spa, as well as refreshments! If this is not a good deal, we don’t know what is!

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