Would you go under the knife to enhance your features? To erase your perceived imperfections? When we talk about aesthetic procedures, we can’t help but to think of Korea, one of the capital cities of cosmetic surgery. Picture-perfect idols and goddess-looking celebrities; it is no surprise to hear of Singaporeans flying to Korea for a nip and a tuck just to look like Park Shin Hye. Here are five aesthetic clinics in Korea that provide assistance in English and are popular with Singaporeans.

1. BANOBAGI Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic

Where is it

banobagi building location


Located in the heart of Gangnam, Banobagi is a five-minute walk from Yeoksam station. If you’re one of those who can’t get your bearings right, Banobagi offers pick up services from the airport right to the doorstep of the clinic, making everything so much easier.

Cosy Environment

Greeting patients with its white exterior, this clinic that’s housed within a five-storey building has won awards for its quality and service. Known to be one of the few clinics in Korea that has invested in upmarket emergency equipment, its reputation is going strong with doctors that are specialists in their respective fields. Enquires on surgical procedures are known to be replied promptly so there’s no need to fret about being left hanging. With their in-house translators, tourists can put their mind at ease as they will be there every step of the way from pre to post surgery.

banobagi lobby edited


Surgery waiting area


Upon entering the building, the cosy lounge area would help to instil a relaxing vibe as you flip through their before-and-after books catalogued according to the different procedures. Expect the same cosy and relaxing vibe as you move to their consultation and pre-surgery waiting rooms, taking away your pre-surgery jitters.

Post Surgery Care

Bio Photon Therapy


Placing safety and clients’ care as their priority, Banobagi has state-of-the-art equipment to help in after-surgery care. The clinic has a swelling care procedure, Bio Photon Therapy, to help patients in their recovery. Imagine it as a sauna session, just that you are lying down in a machine! It helps to speed up blood circulation, regeneration and shorten recovery time. For patients who undergo liposuction, there is also an after-surgery figure care programme offered. Patients can take up the special fitness classes offered in this programme to help in body adjustment.

Banobagi guesthouse


Guesthouse 2


One of the things that Singaporeans adore this clinic for is the Banobagi’s guesthouse situated right behind the clinic. So if you are worried about outpatient care, this is the place for you. Even though it is an all-female guesthouse, patients are allowed to bring one friend along to stay with them, making everything even more cozy. This homely interior has many facilities and also a convenient store right behind the building to satisfy your late night hunger pangs. Healthy bento meals will also be delivered during lunch time every day, keeping your post-surgery diet in check. As Banobagi believes in delivering top notch service in surgery and customer service, their doctors will also check up on their patients after the surgery to be kept in the loop of their recovery.

Did you know?

Dr. Jae-Sang Ban and Dr. Hyeon-Taek Lee from Banobagi are on a widely acclaimed Korean extreme makeover show, Let Me In.

Banobagi location


BANOBAGI Plastic & Aesthetic Clinic 

Address: Seoul Gangnam gu Yeoksam 1dong 641-9 BD Building

Operating hours:

Monday – Friday | 10:00am – 6:30pm

Night time Medical Service | Tuesday, Friday 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Saturday | 10:00am – 4:00pm

Sunday | CLOSED

Website: http://www.engbanobagi.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/englishbanobagi/

Instagram: instagram.com/banobagi_eng/

2. REGEN Plastic Surgery

How to get there

Regen entrance edited


Conveniently located near Sinonhyeon station, this 15-storey high building can’t be missed. Every level is specially dedicated to a procedure of its own, with doctors formerly from Seoul National University and are members of the Korea Plastic Surgery Association.

DV Tip: It is common for aesthetic clinics in Korea to quote a higher price than usual and then give patients a slight discount. Even at the discounted price, you might still be paying more than you are supposed to. So make sure you do a thorough research if you wish to go for these procedures.

Welcoming environment

Regen lobby edited


Furnished black furniture and decoration on white marble floors, the reception at Regen will blow you away with its skilfully done up reception counter. The waiting area is unlike a hospital as you get to enjoy the view while waiting for your turn. The welcoming environment will make you feel like you are entering a modern and artistic hotel, which will make you forget about the pre-surgery anxiousness. There is even a coffeehouse for you to sip on a cuppa as you await for your turn.

Regen lobby 2 edited


In order to serve overseas patients, Regen has an in-house coordinator who is responsible for assessing foreign patients from translation to pick-up service and even to making a reservation for a hotel. Online consultation with doctors are also possible with their user-friendly website. The quick menu at the side allows you to toggle between Skype and the different messenger applications (Line, WhatsApp, Kakao, Wechat) if you wish to speak to the staff directly. For those who have made up their minds on the surgery procedure that they wish to go for, there is also an option to reserve a consultation slot by selecting the procedures you are interested in.

Regen outpatient ward edited


As you scale higher up the building, there is also an outpatient ward and consultation area for patients after their surgery. Decorated luxuriously with carpeted floors and modern furniture, this area is where patients get to enjoy the scenery from the 14th floor and receive post-patient care.

Regen location map


REGEN Plastic Surgery

Address:303-31, Seocho-gu, Seocho-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Time: Weekdays: 9:30AM -7PM | Sat: 9:30AM -5PM | Sun: Closed

Website: http://en.regenglobal.net/nfront/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/regenglobal

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3. Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

Where is it

Izien entrance edited


Izien Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is located in the heart of Gangnam district. This six-storey high building has a futuristic exterior, and is a street away from from the main road. Apart from offering aesthetic surgery, Izien also provides dentistry, facial massage and non permanent make-up.

Keen eye for service and professionalism

Izien lobby edited


Izien reception edited 2


With its 14-year history in cosmetic surgery, Izien received the global medical hospital status by the Korean Government and Ministry of Health. However, even though it is a reputable hospital, its reception area will not make you feel like you are entering a typical healthcare vicinity. Furnished with wooden coffee tables and colourful cushions, this clinic offers a comfortable and heartwarming lobby of an inn that you are going for a home-stay. Their in-house coordinators are patient and friendly as well, as they welcome you into the building. They can even assist you in booking an airport taxi and a hotel that fits your budget!

From CT scans to Electrocardiogram (ECG), these are just some of the necessary procedures that Izien will conduct as they believe in abiding a stricture-surgery preparation procedure. Consultations with the doctor in the clinic are friendly and not as intense as doctors and consultants will be sure to answer your questions before anything is finalised. One thing that many find it appealing about Izien is that they give you an option to indicate your most convenient timing for online consultation. Talk about good customer service and care! Izien also places a big emphasis on post-operation treatment. In an event that your swelling gets too overwhelming, patients can undergo the laser swelling and/or RF treatment to reduce major swelling of soft tissues. And hey, you can also swing by the 4th floor for a relaxing facial treatment if the wait for your turn is too long!

Did you know

When you look under “testimonials” on Izien’s website, you will notice that the heartfelt reviews of their experience are mostly by non-Koreans. It won’t take too much to notice a number of recounts by Singaporeans as well!

Izien location


Izien Plastic Surgery

Address: 597-3 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: Weekdays: 10AM-7PM | Saturdays: 10AM-5PM| Sundays: Closed

Website : http://www.izien.co.kr/ , https://izienplasticsurgery.wordpress.com/about-2/

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/izien.intl

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4. JW Plastic Surgery

How to get there

This leading cosmetic surgery clinic in Korea is situated near Apgujeong Station. The building houses six specialised clinics (Eye surgery, nose surgery, breast surgery, facial contouring, anti-ageing, skincare and body contouring) with outstanding specialists leading each of them.

Homely environment

JW lobby edited


The main entrance of JW will make you feel like you are entering a high-end beauty parlour as you walk past its tinted glass panels. As you step into the main lobby, expect no less than a homely environment as you see modern furniture with books containing before-and-after photos of JW’s models. Its black and white modern concept will help to calm your nerves, especially if you are preparing to go for a procedure.

Skilful surgeons, capable staff

The JW team believes in having customised consultation without compromising the safety of their client. As such, it has positioned itself as a one-stop centre for pre- and post-surgery to monitor their patients from the start till end. Being frequently featured in the media, such as being invited to reality shows, JW is also appreciated for their achievements in research in the aesthetic field. Just recently, it held a conference on eye surgery, aimed to increase the knowledge of the staff in order to accurately disseminate information about the procedure to patients who wish to visit the clinic.

The clinic’s post-opt recovery program is also well-received by many as previous patients have mentioned that the removal of stitches was the only part of the surgery process that is uncomfortable. Apart from the de-swelling treatment after surgery, JW also offers hair washing services for patients who underwent face-contouring, eyes, and nose surgery. It is also a norm that the doctors will drop by after the surgery to check in on you and give you some pointers for taking care of yourself after the operation.

JW location edited


JW Plastic Surgery

Address: 3F Shamshin building, 598-6, Shinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul

Website: http://www.jwbeauty.com/eng/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jwplasticsurgerykorea

Blogspot: http://jwbeautykorea.blogspot.sg

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jwps.beauty/

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5. Grand Plastic Surgery

Luxurious environment

Grand Lobby edited


Grand Lobby 2 edited


Grand consultation room edited


As the name suggests, Grand’s main entrance and lobby is nothing but, well, grand. Its exterior makes you feel like you are about to enter into a 5-star hotel, especially with the reflective panels on its glass door. Its interior is decorated with luxurious furniture; a very pleasant surprise that is bound to make you feel at ease. Being known as the largest aesthetic surgery hospital in Seoul, they are known to perform outstanding breast augmentation surgery.

Excellent customer service

Apart from doctors, Grand also has professional beauty consultants that help to do a brief analysis of patients before they move on to having consultation with the doctors. During the brief analysis, consultants find out what patients would like to work on. Don’t be surprised that these consultants can read your mind because they are really that professional.

When it comes to after-surgery care, Grand offers a range of treatments that are customised according to the type of surgery that patients have undergone. Grand provides everything from high frequency ultrasonic to infrared-rays treatment, so you can certainly expect personalise outpatient treatments.

Did you know

Besides providing a user-friendly website, Grand dedicates a page on patient care. This page lists out the guidelines that any potential patient should take note of before, during and after surgery, all at one glance.

Grand location edited


Grand Plastic Surgery

Address: 514-16, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Website: http://eng.grandsurgery.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/grandplasticsurgery

Instagram: http://instagram.com/grandps_eng