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Sensitive skin makes it hard to have radiant and flawless complexion. It tends to be thinner and more delicate than other types of skin, which is why it is more prone to reacting to outside influences.

Most people with sensitive skin shy away from makeup products, because the sheer thought of foundation or concealer, let alone bronzers, primers and highlighters makes their skin go all kinds of crazy on them.

But the makeup industry has listened to the struggles of all ladies worldwide who have complained about not being able to find the right products for their temperamental skin, and luckily, nobody has to be deprived of the right to wear makeup! Phew! There is a wide variety of products that cater to individuals with delicate skin, and these are our must haves for your make up kit.

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1. Covergirl Ultrasmooth Foundation

Cover Girl Ultra Smooth

You can literally slather on this foundation, and your skin won’t activate the red alert. This foundation is both fragrance- and oil-free, and will enable your skin to breathe the entire day. Plus, this fascinating formula contains optical concealers and Olay serum for smooth skin which instantly soothes redness, conceals blemishes and uneven tan. They state that smooth is the new sexy, but we say that superb ingredients are MORE than sexy.

2. Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Extreme Camouflage Concealer

Make Up For Ever Full Cover

Concealer, being every lady’s closest friend, is used on areas where there are blemishes, which means it needs to be super gentle and safe for your sensitive skin. Not only has Make Up For Ever created the ultimate coverage concealer giving you flawless complexion without visible imperfections, but it has also strived to keep the formula smooth, silky and light, with ingredients that will soothe your skin. The feeling finally finding the weightless and smooth product that doesn’t irritate it can’t compare to anything, not even a surprise flower bouquet from Prince Charming. Sorry fellas, makeup has a special place in our hearts.

3. Lorac “I’m So Sensitive” Soothing Face Primer


Carol Shaw, the founder of Lorac, founded this company in order to provide products that won’t leave your skin looking like an old handbag. And that is why Lorac products are known as one of the most skin-conscious brands on the market, due to their careful selection of product ingredients. This primer won’t dry out your skin, because it contains plant extracts that actually jump in aid to hydrate your sensitive skin and prep your face for foundation without sucking all the moisture out of it. This might just be your new secret best friend.

4. Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush


Of course there is a difference in brushes, and not just in brands, but the quality as well. While brand preference is completely subjective, there’s also the matter of quality and whether the brush is good for a specific type of skin. You can choose a makeup brush with either natural or synthetic bristles, all depending on your sensitivity. If you’re prone to allergies from animal hair, natural bristles aren’t your cup of tea, and you should opt for a synthetic brush. The most important thing to consider is using brushes that are soft on your skin and enable you to glide on the product smoothly, without too much scratching or pressing.

Sigma makeup brushes are known for enabling easy and even distribution of product, without irritating your skin. SigmaTech Fibers have been designed to provide a high performance, and to even outperform animal hair, and are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

5. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara

Physician formula 100 Natural Origin Mascara

Physician’s Formula is known for magical mascaras that are not just awarded as earth-friendly, but eye-friendly as well. They are 100% free of all parabens, preservatives and harsh chemicals that might irritate the sensitive eye area which means you can say goodbye to itchy eyes. 70% of the ingredients in the mascara come from organic farming, so unless you’re looking to mixing up your own organic cocktail in an attempt to create the softest and safest mascara ever, we’ve got you covered. And if that still hasn’t swept you off your feet, then you’re one tough lady. But, that’s not all. It’s also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers.

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