We can hardly believe that a quarter of the year has already passed – didn’t we just celebrate the new year?! And we know what it feels like: you’re beginning to feel a little drained and work is getting busier as you try to hit the targets that have been set. But amidst the toil at work, don’t forget about self care! Be it treating skin troubles that you’ve been ignoring or a getting nice massage to relax your body and soul – you’ll need that respite to pamper yourself from time to time.

To help you out, we’ve picked out the best deals in April that will get you covered from head to toe. Don’t worry about breaking the bank, because everything here is under SGD80! We can’t wait to try all of them!

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For your face

Get back youthful skin

Beyond Beauty Age Reversal Stem Cell Face Lift

Noticed signs of ageing on your face? Treat it early and give it a boost of rejuvenation because none of us want our skin to look dry, dull, and old.

Get a pampering anti-ageing facial at Beyond Beauty International. We recommend the Age Reversal Stem Cell Face Lift, a non-surgical facial that stimulates growth of new tissue and collagen to address your ageing concerns for more youthful-looking and radiant skin! You’ll find that your smile lines and crow’s feet look less visible within one session of this treatment.

The Age Reversal Stem Cell Face Lift is now available at an attractive price of SGD38 (U.P.: SGD588). Redeem this rare promotion here

Deep cleanse for brighter skin

Celmonze The Signature Deep Purifying Facial

Dull and tired-looking skin is a common problem among working women. Thankfully, it can be easily addressed with a deep cleanse and detox for your skin.

Clearing out toxins and dead skin cells is the key to get clearer, healthier skin that exudes a natural glow. The Deep Purifying Facial from Celmonze The Signature offers you the deep and thorough cleanse you need, unclogging your pores and enhancing blood circulation in an one hour treatment. Your skin will feel refreshed and be able to absorb nutrients from your skincare products more effectively after the facial.

This facial is suitable for everyone and it is available for a limited period of time at just SGD68 (U.P.: SGD108). Get hold of this deal here.

Brighten up dull skin

Body Contour Premier Hydra Dew Facial Treatment

Dryness, poor diet, stress and urban pollution are causes of dull skin and we know that most people suffer from it. You can pile as much highlighter as you can or put on a thick layer of foundation – but it’s never going to emulate the natural glow that healthy skin has. What you need may just be a brightening facial treatment to restore your skin’s natural radiance.

The Hydra Dew Facial Treatment at Body Contour Premier is a perfect quick relief for dull and lacklustre skin. The deep hydration this treatment gives will leave you with dewy, bright and luminous-looking complexion, restoring your skin’s energy and youthfulness.

This luxurious treatment is now available at SGD38 (U.P.: SGD388). Get it at this special price here and get a complimentary Sparkling Eyes Treatment on your first trial.

For your body

Reduce stress levels with a full body massage

Theresa Body Skin Wellness Aromatherapy Body Massage

If you’ve been feeling stressed at work, a full body massage may just be what you’ll need to relax your body and mind. Put all worries aside for an hour and let the aromatic essences calm your body, mind and spirit. Sometimes, dedicating an hour for a deep and full relaxation will help you feel better and work better.

Recharge your body and soul with the Aromatherapy Body Massage at Theresa Body Skin Wellness, where customers have left reviews saying how much they love the clean environment and great masseuses there.

Here’s some good news: Theresa Body Skin Wellness is offering this massage at a special price of SGD48 (U.P.: SGD128) for a limited period of time. Get hold of this promotion here.

Relax and treat pains

Spa Symphony Therapeutic Body Massage

The long hours you’ve been spending in front of your desk must have made your neck ache and tense.

For some solid pampering and relieving of these aches, Spa Symphony offers a series of complete Therapeutic Body Massage that you can choose according to your needs such as pain management, relaxation, and just for wellness. Consult their therapists with your concerns and needs and they’ll pick the best massage technique that can address your issues the best. Massages include: Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, TCM Tui Na Massage and Sports massage.

It is now available at just SGD29.96 (U.P.: SGD128.40), and you should quickly book a session here before this promotion is over.

For Lashes and Brows

Get an eyelash extension

Skinlash Classic Look Individual Eyelash Extension

Putting on fake lashes can be a chore, and some days you just want to have long and voluminous lashes effortlessly. If this totally describes how you feel, have you considered of getting an eyelash extensions? For first-time customers, Skinlash is offering discounted price for their Classic Look Individual Eyelash Extension. Discuss with the salon staff about your desired lash extension style and get 120 strands of eyelash extensions for both eyes, designed specifically to fit your eye shape. You can customise the type of curl, length, thickness and design to your liking and get the most perfect lashes you’ve always dreamed of.

You’ll be happy to know that the salon uses high grade non-adhesive formaldehyde glue that’s totally safe and a hydro gel eye mask to keep your eye area hydrated during the extension application.

If you’re new to this salon, give this service a trial at bargain. You can book a session for just SGD72 (U.P.: SGD90) here.

Protect natural lashes

Lash Regrowth Keratin Lash Tint

Do you always get lash extensions or apply a lot of mascara? Don’t forget that our lashes need care and treatment just like other parts of our face do!

Pop by Lash Regrowth for a quick 20-minute Keratin Lash Tint that uses biotin and keratin to strengthen, thicken and protect natural eyelashes. A layer of Keratin Lash Tint coating will be applied to both your upper and lower lashes, giving them nourishment to grow better. With stronger and healthier lashes, you might see yourself cutting down on that thick layer of mascara or frequent lash extension appointments.

This service is already pretty affordable but guess what – they’re dishing out further discounts. Redeem a session at SGD28 (U.P.: SGD38) here.

Shape your brows and get free touch up

Allure Beauty Saloon Eyebrow Embroidery

Whether you’re looking for high or soft arches for your brows, Allure Beauty Saloon gets you covered with their array of eyebrow embroidery services.

Consider the new Signature Misty Eyebrow Embroidery that gives you soft, natural-looking brows with two layers of embroidery works. This technique creates a gradient that makes your brows look more natural and the results last longer. The salon also touts that this new embroidery technique will make brow strokes appear more fine and natural just like your own brow hairs.

They’re currently offering a promotion for Basic Eyebrow Embroidery with Shaping that also includes a free touch-up. Enjoy it at just SGD78 (U.P.: SGD212). Check out the promotion here.

Hair Removal

For clean and hairless legs

Pink Parlour Hair Wax

Bikini season is coming and that waxing appointment is inevitable. Within a quick 30 minutes session, you can get Full Legs Waxing at any of Pink Parlour’s five different outlets in Singapore. Drop by for a quick wax during lunch or after work, and you don’t have to feel insecure wearing anything that exposes your legs anymore. The Full Legs Waxing covers the upper leg, lower leg and toes, both front and back.

Give this a try at SGD50. Redeem this attractive deal here.

Laser off hair on small areas of your body

Ceramique Aesthetics Shr Hair Removal

Don’t neglect grooming of the “smaller areas” on your body, such as the underarm, upper lip, lower chin or side burns.

Small area SHR Laser Hair Removal at Ceramique Aesthetics gives you quick results and you’ll see improvements in the treated area in just three weeks! The Super Hair Removal (SHR) uses laser technology with cooling effect, making the permanent hair removal process painless and comfortable.

SHR Laser Hair Removal services are usually quite expensive but we’ve found a great promotion by Ceramique Aesthetics at just SGD68 (U.P.: SGD360) here.

For your lady parts

Bio Aesthetic Medispa Brazillian Hair Removal

Hitting the beach soon? You might want to get a Brazillian hair removal so you can look your best in that new swimsuit you’ve bought!

The Brazillian DPL Hair Removal at Bio Aesthetic Medispa, uses dynamic pulsed light (DPL) that’s much stronger and more advanced than the usual IPL we’re familiar with. Don’t worry about pain or dryness after hair removal –  a hydrating or whitening mask is applied during the session for extra comfort.

Bio Aesthetic Medispa is currently extending an attractive deal at SGD38 (U.P.: SGD128). Check out this promotion here.

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