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February marks the beginning of spring. Whether you are heading off overseas to enjoy the cherry blossoms, or staying in Singapore for a romantic Valentine’s date, there’s something you definitely have to do this February: grooming!

We share some of the best deals this month with you, so that you look your best in all those photographs with the cherry blossoms and your loved ones.

For your face

Get beautiful lashes that brighten your eyes

Salon Finder Feb Avone

We can totally relate to the pain that comes with curling lashes and applying mascara every morning in order to look a little more awake. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble when you give your lashes that way-overdue transformation this month with a lash treatment.

The Ultralash Lift Treatment Perm at Avone Beauty Secrets does not use chemicals nor harmful solutions at all – just natural authentic products which promise to make your lashes lifted, stronger and healthier for up to eight weeks! Plus, it also comes with a 7-day lash guarantee, so you can be assured that you will definitely see the results you desire.

This deal is yours for just SGD68 when you redeem it here!

For your body

No more itching and cuts from shaving

Salon Finder Feb Pink Parlour

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having hair on your limbs, but if you are part of the crowd who prefers to be clean-shaven, and absolutely hates all the skin problems that come with shaving, you are in luck.

You can finally say goodbye to all those rashes and cuts from shaving, because Pink Parlour is offering IPL and waxing services for your limbs, bikini line, and panty region. Plus, they have five easily-accessible branches in Orchard, Jurong, and Tampines – how convenient!

Get back in shape after the CNY feasting (deal no longer available)

Salon Finder Feb Fil

We know: it’s hard to stop yourself from constantly snacking and eating good meals with your families and friends during Chinese New Year, even if you can already feel all the calories and fat accumulating inside you.

If you desperately want to lose the fat after Chinese New Year but really don’t have the time to hit the gym, it’s time to go for a body slimming treatment. FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence’s Miracle Gold Sculptic Body Slimming reduces cellulite and breaks down body fats through the increase of cellular activity, so that you can get your toned and sculpted body back again.

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